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Saikhan, Tsetsegia

This is the largest city and port on the eastern region of Tsetsegia and the current station of the Wind Spear, Sugrat Nomin Galtama.
  Saikhan is has a renowned art scene with diverse cuisine, varied histories, and colorful murals decorating the largest buildings. There's a laborer's guild here with many Avarak members lead by an Thoran, an avaar with a keen eye and ability to read people. At a premium, expert labor can be commissioned by people around the realm.
  The biggest draw by far is the Museum of the Hallowed Stones built here soon after the city was founded. It has been growing for the last sixty years. While there are some items of value that belong to families lost long ago, it serves primarily as a history of combat against defeated invaders from ages gone and a repository for that which is claimed by the Order of the White Thrush and cleared for view in public.
  The Tsetsi Naval Academy located in their port continues to train the all military commanders in the art of naval combat as well as sharing their knowledge and esteemed history with visitors.
  Both Saikhan and Khuren are fallbacks stations should war break out in Khashig. Fort Khada is east of this metro in the woods and is home to the bulk of the military that's not in Khashig.



  • Vishkanya: 54%
  • Demi: 20%
  • Ulukana: 16%
  • Avaar: 5%
  • Rakag: 4%
  • Other: 1%


  • Ulus: 90%
  • Rhoroan: 5%
  • Thule: 3%
  • Other: 2%



Sikat Sorkhanhira Enida
  • Female Vishkanya (Middle-Aged), appointed 1 year ago.


The governor appoints a number of "Masters" over certain aspects of the city who are also prominent members of guilds or related trades.
  • Master of Trade
  • Master of Defense
  • Master of Planning
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Magic
  • Master of Gazar (Land Ownership)
  • Master of Law
  • Master of Labor

Prominent Figures:

  Nomin Galtama: Wind Spear
Hearth: Sugrat
Female Vishkanya, Middle-Aged
The Wind Spear is, effectively, the General of the Tsetsi forces and Nomin has been trained from a very young age to excel in all facets of soldiering. Survival, leadership, navigation, and hand-to-hand combat.
Nomin has been the Wind Spear for the last 19 years, apprenticed under her adoptive father, Buri Galtama. She is one of the most accomplished warriors in Tsetsegia and perhaps all of Hayethe. She trained with the navy since childhood learning ships inside and out on her way to several training opportunities with elite warriors of other nations.
She is stationed in Saikhan as tensions mount coordinating training and military positioning from there.

Thoran Ferrouth: Master of Labor
Hearth: Kado
Male Avaar, Mid 60's
Thoran was adopted under the Kado hearth before he was ever considered for the position of Master of Labor. His advice has been used in several different industries to properly compensate workers and provide what they need to do their jobs properly.  


Roughly 600 soldiers.

Industry & Trade

  • Paid shipping services
  • Duskmelon
  • Rice
  • Dockwork and ship repair are common occupations
  • Traditional artwork is often sold to tourists or families for their homes


  • An innovative drainage and sewage system has been developed in Saikhan and is being slowly rolled out to other areas. It infuses the soil with nutrients and creates more loam but also keeps the aqueducts from overflowing.
  • The shipyard of Saikhan is well-known for their crafting incredible vessels. While it was used some time ago to make many ships at a time at speed, it is now more for crafting unique and powerful vessels.


East Town - Mostly residents and very small businesses. Lots of day laborers and tradesmen here. Many small shops dot the area, however. East Town is considered "Saikhan Proper"
  • Museum of Hallowed Stones - The renowned museum storing that which is captured and cleared by the Order of the White Thrush. It is a repository for lost families and ancient artifacts recovered from the old stones of Tsetsegia.
    Harbour District - Holds the great Port of Saikhan and is almost always bustling. There are several fishing boats that bring in hauls from here. Trade for anything found at sea is restricted to this district. Residential housing is somewhat thin.
  • Hearth Kado - A shop run by the patron of Hearth Kado, S'guhl, a male ulukana that sells treasures found at sea by the sailors of Saikhan providing a cut to them and a place to store the goods they can't otherwise sell off.
  Saikhan Fortress - One of the last fortresses raised in Tsetsegia, this was erected to house members of the high court, Wind Spear, Voice of Flame, and Wood Shaman.
  • Tsetsi Naval Academy: The prestigous academy that trains the officers of the Tsetsi military. Also serves as a training ground for the dunai num that march with the armies.
  Windforge - A district founded mostly in the interest of supplying locals with goods and services rather than exports and outside trade. Windforge was named for the renowned bowyer Kulut Ramil Lakan, whose Hearth still stands today.
  • Ramil Lakan and Hearth Kulut: Ramil was actually an Avarak and thus has, supposedly, no blood descendants. Members of Hearth Kulut are either Avaar or Rakaag.
  • Remram - A young Avaar couple and named after their sweet babby boy's first word. It's an inn. (Named by Panda)
  • Spirit of the Thread - Small spectacles, older vish, very thin, sharply dressed more nimble than he seems. Ozbeg Tolui Enebish is the owner.
  • Alduin Logistics and Retrieval - A small, scarcely maintained office building on an unassuming corner. Apparently they find stuff, but they guy that runs the place is seems to unsettle his guests.
  Twilight Hill - A shanty flanked by farmlands leading to the infamous Fey Alley. Twilight Hill is primarily known as a place to grow very specific vegetables called Duskmelon.
  • Duskmelon - A small (fist-sized) gourd that retains a sweet juice inside and supple flesh. They grow only in places with constant rain. Supposedly they help replenish the Tsetsi soul very well when their husks are used as fertilizer. Growing them near crops that normally have trouble with the constant rain makes them more viable.
  • Sunken Moon - Restaurant that is sunken partially into the ground, specializes in dishes made from duskmelon. (Named by Jhessail)
  Fey Alley - The area alongside the main road north out of Saikhan. The road itself is fine, however, it's long been believed that children and young ladies are likely to disappear if they venture into the area after dark. Especially if it's right after a day with no rain.
  • The Coincaller - One of the most famous taverns in Saikhan and a frequent place for tourists unafraid or even embracing the superstitious unease of Fey Alley's reputation. At the turn of midnight at the week's end, storytellers come together to spin tales of fear and woe to send listeners away with goosebumps. Their chef is a former protector of the realm named Khulan (Hokubish Khulan Anatk) but is only truly interested in updating the menu when she is brought interesting ingredients.

Guilds and Factions

Laborer's Guild


  • At one point it used to be the main hub of tourism from Gurga, but war tensions have stopped this. Now it is mostly a place for domestic tourism from other Tsetsi from western cities.
  • Travelers visit for the art and the fine taverns in Saikhan Proper but also the thrill of staying in Fey Alley.


Most of the permanent settlements are stone with waxed wood paneling to protect the stone from erosion. In Saikhan, many large buildings commision artists to paint their walls, redoing the paintings once the paneling has worn out and must be replaced.


Lots of trees and wet plains surround the city, but there's no shortage of greenery.


Warm and Rainy like most of the area in the Khan. Winters are incredibly frigid with the breeze from the ocean.

Natural Resources

  • Duskmelon
  • Tsetsi Soil
  • Garlic
  • Slate
Large city
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