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Volutor is a grand mechanical construct created by Du-Corrach to help him keep order in the Chained Pantheon. Granted sentience by his creator, Volutor became a god in his own right, and is now the god of mechanics and the patron god of constructs and tinkerers.

The gnome priest rejoiced, for through his prayers, his mind was allowed to wander to the realm of his god, Volutor. But he could not see his god anywhere. There was only gears, cogs, and clockwork, tiny little wheels like grains of sand, as well as massive machinery the size of mountains. Tick-tock, the wheels turned, some at the speed of a millisecond per rotation, while others would likely not move at all in his lifetime. And among these perfect contraptions were clockwork men, making carefully calculated moves, oiling the gears where it was needed, and cleaning the cogs where they had become dirty. And everything here worked in perfect harmony. It was then the gnome realized: this was not another world, this was Volutor.
Written at the entrance of the Archonate Clockmaker’s Guild
Divine Classification
Deity Construct
Chained Pantheon
Lawful neutral
Follower Alignments
Neutral, any lawful
Holy Symbol
An arrangement of cogwheels
Favored Weapon(s)
Forge, Knowledge, Order

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