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The Storm, sometimes called the Fog, is a never-ending cyclone of outlandish proportions located north-west of Gardemoor and east of northern Vark. Expanding and contracting periodically, though never moving, the winds and waves within this storm are powerful enough to tear apart and change the nearby continents.

The Storm has been mentioned in lorebooks, journals, creative writings, laws, and has been painted and drawn artistically throughout all of recorded history. A popular motif in the eldest works has been depicting the eye of the storm as an actual eye in the storm. As no one in recent times has even gone near this (super)natural wonder to confirm it, the implications of it having an actual eye has spawned many theories, legends, and myths.

Enthusiasts of natural wonders and strange weather phenomenon have wondered why is the Storm there? What keeps the Storm there? And the most curious question of all, what is actually inside the Storm? These questions are nigh existential due to the age-long mysteries surround it, and there will likely never be an accurate answer to any of them. That does not stop people from coming up with all sorts of answers anyway.

Living Earth Theory
Some people believe that the storm is actually one of the planet's eyes, and that there must be at least one other eye on the other side of the globe. The expansions and contractions of the storm is merely the giant earth-creature blinking. This theory is ridiculed by most, but is vehemently detested by the Children of the First Flame who believe the earth is a rocky shell surrounding the first breath of fire.
Home of magic
Some think the storm is the one truly major consequence of introducing magic into the material plane, causing a destructive force of chaos. This theory branches off into many directions, some blaming the every-creating forces of Harmony, some blaming the destructive Misery. All these branches come back together at some point, saying that the center of the storm consists of pure magic energy.
Just some wind, bro
Arguably the most commonly accepted theory of all: it's just a storm that's placed in the perfect conditions to sustain itself. What's in the eye of the storm? Probably nothing, and if there ever was something, it's gone by now. Why bother exploring the wind? Everyone knows what wind is, these winds just so happen to be the strongest winds. Truly a natural wonder, but nothing mysterious about it.
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Natural Wonder

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