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Mapvember 2022 - A Series of Battlemaps

I love mapmaking for ttrpgs, but alas, I spend far too long making them. In a context like this, I may end up not finishing them all. For this mapvember I'll try to answer as many prompts as possible by making a small battlemap for each. I prefer making larger maps, and so I shall challenge myself by only making them 12 by 12 squares (1200*1200 px).

UPDATE: Well, look at that! I actually managed to finish all 30 maps. Are they the best maps ever? No! But did I have fun making them? Indeed I did! Some of them may not seem to fit their respective prompt, but I promise I have a solid explanation for each, I just can't be bothered to write them down. Feel free to use these maps in your games, link to asset packs used are down in the author notes section.

1. Crater

2. Cavern

3. Crypt

4. Gauntlet

5. Shield

6. Anchor

7. Sea

8. Island

9. Palace

10. Cemetery

11. Dragon

12. Ruin

13. Maw

14. Maze

15. Pool

16. Nebula

17. Dock

18. Mine

19. Crystal

20. Egg

21. Abomination

22. Corrupted

23. Undead

24. Abandoned

25. Demon

26. Sand

27. Haven

28. Spice

29. Harvest

30. Garden


Author's Notes

These maps were made using dungeondraft, with asset packs made by AoA, Essendi, and Crosshead. May contain spiders. Yes, the answer to prompt 9 "palace" is indeed an extravagant toilet.

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