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End of All Things

The End of all Things is a sword theorized to be the last adamantine item to have been created. The sword's whereabouts are unknown, lost to the ages. It has been prophesied that when the man who first wielded it wields it once again he will use it to tear apart the fabric between worlds, cutting through reality itself, thus ending the existence of all things.

Like all adamantine items, the sword is indestructible, cannot be reshaped by any means, even magic, and suffers not the effects of time and tear.


The sword is a feder longsword with sharp narrow blade and a flared schilt near the crossguard. As with all adamantine, the blade appears like cracked steel. The crossguard itself is twisted with blunt tips on each end. The hilt is gilded, and the handle portion is wrapped in a reddish brown leather. The pommel is small with a sharpened point to it. The exact proportions of the blade are largely unknown, though some suggest that it is more of a hand-and-a-half-sword rather than a longsword.

There are some legends that say the hilt or the blade has precious gem inlays. Due to the nature of the metal, the blade cannot be reshaped in any way to hold any inlay, unless it is glued to the cracks that appear naturally. It is therefore often discarded as a myth. The legends say nothing of what metal the hilt is made from though, only that it is gilded. If there are any inlaid gemstones, they are likely on the hilt.


Though the legends say this blade can end the world, it is still a sword that will only work its magic in the right hands. The average man may recognize it as a beautiful sword made from an extraordinary material that does not require sharpening, but is unlikely to see any potential beyond that. Until the sword starts "speaking" to him, that is. Some say that adamantine items are the will of their creator incarnate, and they all have a very specifically intended purposes. The will of the sword, or its maker, will start to seep into the dreams of its wielder, gradually replacing them with visions of its ultimate intentions.
Time folding its wings,
the end of all things

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