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The Archon is the political leader of Gardelinden, the highest commander of the military, and the highest priest in the Archonate. He is considered to be the highest authority within the Church of Harmony.

An Archon is chosen when the former Archon dies, abdicates or is considered unfit to rule. To be declared unfit to rule a 2/3 majority of the high priests within Gardelinden must declare their distrust. A new Archon is then chosen among them with a 2/3 majority vote. The Archon forfeits their name when inaugerated, and their given names are used only to seperate between former Archons.
Religious, Political
Source of Authority
Voted in power by a 2/3 majority of Gardelinden high priests.
Length of Term
Until death, abdication or deemed unfit to rule.
Current Holders
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