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A Summary of the Races of Ior

The rich tapestry of the life of Ior is deep and diverse. Much of the history of the intelligent races has been lost, destroyed during the Fall. Some fragments remain, however, and from those, a story can be told.  


The elves of this realm were created by Shirtheri, the predator, the hunter, ruler of the wilds, the hidden, and the beasts. Their ancestors were primal and vicious, hunting and devouring any prey that crossed their path including the other mortal races. Now some of the descendants have branched off into more civilized lands and while they have lost much of their predatory nature, they still bear the hallmarks of their beast-like forebears.  

Wood Elves

These elves have completely integrated with other mortal civilizations and can be found in many places worldwide. They are tall, with wide-set eyes in a range of colors. They still have sharp teeth, though they are not as prominent as their primal ancestors, and they bear antlers like those of deer, elk, or caribou.
+2 Dex, +1 Wis, Lowlight vision, Keen senses, Fey Ancestry, Trance, Elf Weapon Training, Fleet of Foot, Mask of the Wild

Deep Elves

Thin, tall, and willowy, these elves once lived in vast crystalline cities beneath the earth where they created wondrous artificial creatures and machines powered by pure magic. Since the Fall, much of their civilization was destroyed and the survivors were driven to the surface. As refugees, they have tried to rejoin their cousins but to less success. They are very pale, their eyes tend towards the larger side in pale colors like silver, pink, or lavender, and their antlers are less like antlers and more like twisted horns. They have a mild temperament and are frequently drawn to intellectual careers such as librarians, archivists, and curators.
+2 Dex, +1 Int, Darkvision, Keen Senses, Fey ancestry, trance, Elf Weapon Training, Extra Language, Cantrip


Half-elves are common in places where many elves mix with humans. They tend to be taller and fairer than humans and can inherit the antlers or eyes of their elven parents. Because they are relatively common, they are not generally shunned from society though there are some more remote places where one race or the other will not appreciate half-breeds.
low light vision, and half-elf traits from PHB


The dwarves are much like their god, Kazan, in their stubbornness and productiveness. During the Fall, many of their cities were damaged or destroyed, but they combined their efforts to rebuild as much as they could. They have not reclaimed the grandeur of their empires from before, but their mines and fortified cities are still wonders in their own rights. Though primarily craftsmen and tradesmen, there are still many dwarves willing to leave their mountains and hills to explore and settle the world. They are curious by nature and can often be found exploring the world. They are stout and broad, usually muscular (even the women), and prefer to grow luxurious beards which they decorate with beads and medallions.  

Mountain Dwarves

Usually, with pale skin and darker hair colors, Mountain Dwarves frequently choose to be craftsmen, miners, and warriors. They prefer tradition and consistency, and many other races often find them to be dour company, but they are loyal to a fault and can oftentimes harbor soft hearts beneath their rough exteriors.
+2 Con, Darkvision, Dwarven Resilience, Dwarven Combat training, Tool proficiency, Stonecunning, +2 Str, Dwarven armor training

Hill Dwarves

Often have tanned skin with light-colored hair and eyes. Hill Dwarves are more free-spirited than their mountain-dwelling cousins, or at least as free-spirited as dwarves can get. They tend to be merchants, explorers, and mercenaries. They hold less to traditions and adapt quickly in their travels though when at home, they are still very slow and grudging to accept change. They are more ready to make close friends and quick attachments with the other mortal races but are also more easily offended.
+2 Con, Darkvision, Dwarven Resilience, Dwarven Combat training, Tool proficiency, Stonecunning, +1 Wis, Dwarven Toughness


Humans have migrated all over the world, and even though many of them were lost in the Fall, they rebuilt quickly. The level of civilization from the age of wonder is unobtainable to them now, but they have managed to reclaim large kingdoms and establish profitable trade. They are the most varied species, ranging from pale to dark, large and small. Several tribes of humans travel the trade routes, taking goods from region to region or selling their swords to caravans and towns. They can be found nearly everywhere there is civilization, but they often avoid wilderness areas for fear of what may lurk there.
Variant 5e Human rules: +1 to two Ability scores OR +2 to one ability score, Proficiency in one skill of choice, one feat

Other Intelligent Species

Many other species on Ior possess sentience and each has its own unique history and culture.   Minotaurs Nomadic humanoid creatures with bovine features, the minotaurs were rumored to have been created by a greater demon to be his personal army. Eanna, goddess of life and sun, granted them free will, allowing them to choose their own destiny. They live in all environments, all over the world, each tribe working towards their own goals. A unifying city has been built that has become the focal point of their culture.   Trolls Children of the goddess of chaos, beasts, and storms, the Trolls are varied and unique as leaves on the wind. They are flighty and superstitious, and their interests can change from one breath to the next. Few things are constant across the species aside from their love of music and their loyalty to family. Beyond that, the only thing you can reliably expect from a troll is that you can expect nothing from a troll.   Dragons and Kobolds Shards of pure destruction, the dragons and kobolds were created when the Titan gathered power to smite all life on Ior. Eanna was able to stop the wave of devastation but the power broke into shards and gained life.   Lizard Folk These scaled humanoids come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They tend to live in family groups in the wild places of Ior. They keep to themselves for the most part but rumors of the treasure they keep drive foolhardy adventurers to disturb them. Their culture and language are mysteries to most other civilized species, but they are known to worship Shirtheri.   Sidhe and Cat Sith Fey beings shrouded in myth and mists. It is said they are magic incarnate and their influence is rumored to weave the fate of all from the lowliest mouse to the mightiest king. They are so rare and secretive, that many people in the civilized lands deny they even exist, insisting they are nothing more than children's tales.


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