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A Null is a person who has a rare and unique condition where an individual possesses a complete lack of magick. Not only are nulls incapable of using magic, but they also have a distinctive non-magickal field around them that nullifies any magic in its vicinity. This condition, which can be both congenital and acquired, poses significant challenges for nulls die to a shortened lifespan and weakened health. Despite these hardships, null can leverage their unique condition to their advantage in certain situations, making them intriguing anomalies in a magic-dominant world.


  1. Immunity to magickal threats - this makes them ideal for roles such as magickal clean-up crews or handlers for high magickal creatures
  2. Unaffected by magick effects - this includes illusions, deceptions, and manipulation either by spell of a beings natural abilities
  3. Unpredictability - most beings on medium to extreme magick worlds rely heavily on magick. They many not anticipate a null's actions.
  4. Magick Detection - nulls are able to sense the absence of magick in a particular area or object, an inverse form of magick detection. Many nulls on high and extreme magick worlds are hired as security consultants, as their unique ability makes them an asset in preventing magickal crime. Also, guards on magickal prisons as magick couldn't be used to escape when they are around.
  5. Magick-free Negotiations - negotiations can often be influenced by magickal means. Mind altering spells, enchantments to skew perceptions, and truth bending illusions are all tools often employed in high-stakes situations. A null, immune to these tactics, can ensure a negotiation is conducted without magical influence, guaranteeing a fair and unbiased outcome. As a result, Nulls are often sought after as mediators or arbiters in important negotiations or diplomatic services.

Transmission & Vectors

Nulls happen one of three ways:
  • Congenitally - being born with it
  • Diseases
  • Magickal Attack


A person who became a null would suddenly find themselves unable to use of be affected by magic. Spells and enchantments that previously worked would cease to function, and magical creatures may react differently or unpredictable around them.


Symptoms of being a null include:
  • Complete lack of magickal ability
  • Resistance to magickal effects
  • Physical weakness due to lack of magickal stamina
  • Shortened lifespan due to the absence of magick sustaining their bodies


As of the closing of Ustehall, there was no known treatment for nullness. However, research is ongoing on individual worlds to determine how to restore a null's ability to use magic or at least coexist with magic without disrupting it.


Without the sustaining effects of magic, nulls typically have shortened lifespans and weakened health. This is an ongoing condition with no known natural resolution.



  • A null is no longer able to acquire magickal disease
  • A null can't be attacked magickally. Magic doesn't touch them.


  • Weakening of the body, especially later in life
  • Increased susceptibility to non-magical diseases.
  • Psychological distress due to social ostracism
  • Inability to participate in magickal activities

Affected Groups

There are no clear patterns on who's affected by nullness, but it's believed that suffering a magickal attack while pregnant might increase the likelihood of the child being a null. This is yet to be confirmed.

Hosts & Carriers

While there aren't any known flora or fauna that transmit nullness, there are species that are null themselves. The effect of nullness on their species depends on where they live, how they congregate, and what magick is around them.


There is no known method for protecting against becoming or being born a null. Research is ongoing.


Nullness isn't contagious, so it doesn't move through the population like a disease. However, outbreaks of nullness can occur in the wake of widespread magical attacks or the spread of certain diseases.

Cultural Reception

It's reception varies by society, but given their inability to participate in magickal activities, nulls are viewed with a mix of curiosity, pity, fear, or disdain. Some might admireĀ  their ability to navigate a magical world without the use of magic. Others might ostracize them for their perceived handicap.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital

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