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Hall of Doors - Ustehall

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A character who travels to worlds through Ustehall, a hall of doors. Each door will lead to its own world, with its own cast of characters. There will be a type of character, I haven’t decided what will denote this type of character (probably DNA), that can walk the Hall of Doors. These characters will eventually walk Ustehall with my main character, some with her and some on their own adventure.   I want to start this out with Ustehall having been abandoned because of some tragedy. My main character stumbles across the entrance after having dreamed of it for years. She is an orphan that dreams of that tragedy several nights a month and has as far back as she can remember. She decided to become a doctor because she wanted to be able to help the people she can see dying in her dream. She also joined the local chapter of the SCA in college so she could learn how to fight with a sword and a bow, since most of the fighter in her dreams fought with those. Somehow she knew her dreams were real.