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Herilzek language

Herilzek (or of the mountain's meeting) is often known as Inizek abroad (after Inasa, the largest producer of magic items in the last few centuries).    Herilzek is the language of trade in Garadel, as it has been for centuries. A millennia ago, Herilzek was the hybrid tongue of the mountains of Eastern Garadel, a creole that served as a meeting ground for the linguistically diverse mountains of the Dragon Forges. Over time, it has become the language of the Holy League of Zihari, as well as the financial language of Garadel. During the great financial booms of Garadel, elites learned that Herilzek was synonymous with wealth, and even the small-time merchants began learning it as a second language.    Ever the creole, Herilzek has no set "correct" version - it continues to absorb bits of other Garadek languages, with the most useful (and therefore legitimate) dialects being the dialects of those most powerful (which tends to be whoever holds the dragon forges).   

Herilzek/Garadek Names:

As Herilzek is so common and influential across Garadel and Larazel, Herilzek names are common in both continents.    Here is a list of Garadek Names. Herilzek assumes the default to be Prism, but these names can be taken by anyone:
  • Hazyk (moon-borne)
  • Nazet (very loved)
  • Miza (beloved)
  • Pinek (prince)
  • Haro (warrior)
  • Koltana (warrior)
  • Hojak (warrior)
  • Zira (child)
  • Ayma (not dead)
  • Rozko: (moving bird)
  • Urzik (new kid)
  • Hoda (ritual priest)
  • Kova (smith)
  • Erzik (child of silver)
  • Zarik (child of gold)
  • Nenek (child of the bats)
  • Ainowa (cinnabar)
  • Kevar (quartz)
  • Shorik (child of bone (exotic))
  • Orik (child of water)
  • Otwar (brave)
  • Nyeri (honest)
  • Elni (strong)
  • Sero (strong)
  • Karza (sword-user)
  • Jazna (is pious)
  • Alani (humble)
  • Umera (temperate)
  • Zosko (raccoon)
  • Sar (eagle)
  • Jyawlo (hawk)
  • Luzo (lion)
  • Kena (miner)
  • Keshkalo (forge-leader)
  • Kika (pickaxe)
  • Iopa (shovel)
  • Rozan (bronze)
  • Uverna (marble-hewn)
  • Kyarn (sulfur)
  • Ulo (leaden)
  • Kovien (fossil)
  • Agina (clay)
  • Borstin (amber)
  • Larla (digs holes)
  • Nyel (arrow)
  • Omar (lobster)
  • Viza (storm)
  • Messa (Bear-like)
  • Willod (spear-wielder)
  • Lija (archer)
  • Jyalo (hawk)
  • Jeko (flint)
  • Poja (spider)
  • Brizim (friend)
  • Umok (stubborn)
  • Miznok (champion)
  • Bopi (pepper)
  • Vhos (hero)
  • Virun (lightning)
  • Krobin (ruby)
  • Zaraf (sapphire)
  • Smarad (emerald)
  • Ogtu (igneous)
  • Omok (sandstone)
  • Skor (zinc)
  • Kreda (chalk)
  • Elocha (buried one)
  • Gorek (raw ore)
  • Vlora (dutiful one)
  • Senesiv (heavy hearted)
  • Kedka (gentle)
  • Elnar (gemlord)
  • Prozla (gathers faith)
  • Godro/Godra (justice)
  • Gron/Gronna (healthy)
  • Malnar/Malnara (master of swine)
  • Chesa (glorious)
Here are some dryad-specific names:
  • Zozakwa (good-pouch)
  • Sorwen (red flower)
  • Zoses (good leaf)
  • Kusa (cornbody)
  • Zalwen (yellow flower)
  • Lagalga (deep-root)
  • Nolin (plant)
  • Leteja (of the soil)
  • Kiswin (blue flower)
  • Vidri (wildflower)
- Here are some Human-specific names (though borrowing a name from Tolzek is increasingly popular)
  • Nora (has nose)
  • Onazem (tin-eye)
  • Ekazem (moss eye)
  • Yulo (has ears)
  • Kizelo (black of hair)
  • Bralo (brown of hair)
  • Novru (sun blood)
  • Shoknar (bone master)
  • Miskora (soft-skinned)
  • Kazur/Kazura (clawed)
Some spiritual-associated names, dating back to pre-Zihari times:
  • Ukenon (fated by the All-Earth)
  • Zotia (from the name of an old volcanic fire goddess)
  • Somel (from Somiro, an ancient God of Salt)
  • Ozric (name associated with ancient moon worship)
  • Smezel (name of an ancient trickster god)
Holy League Zihari Names:
  • Oshikel (writes the truth, a name that promises great piety)
  • Mirislo (servant of 'Miri', short for 'servant of Mirizi, the prophet)
  • Ereslo (often shortened to 'Eres', short for 'servant of Ereba')
  • Izwen (faith in *shortened non-blaspheous name for Izikiro*)
  • Mirawen (faith in Mirizi)
  • Menika (one who escapes; ie one who ascends)
Consistent last names are reserved for families of prestige and wealth. Last names tend to be (name of your favored parent)-child/son/daughter for those of lower status. Aristocratic last names tend to end in "-zik", "-zala", "-lik", or "-vru". Some examples:
  • Vezalik (lightning clan, an old Prism name associated with warriors)
  • Jaznik (children of piety, a common name for gentry who rose due to the Holy League)
  • Ardzala (family of the fort, a name of a family who rose through military service)
  • Sarkova ("dragon forge smiths", a vaunted last name that denotes dragon smithing families)
  • Unzala (new family or new money)
  • Kabilik (clan of the quarry, a mining family)
  • Utovru (blood of the traveler, a mercantile family)
  • Isovra (pure blooded)
Now for some prefixes and suffixes to help you maker your own names:
  • Pod-: under
  • Do- : further
  • Per-: over
  • Erzed-: before
  • Zy-: arriving
  • Roz-: moving
  • Od-: ritual
  • Nad-: super
  • Po-: to __
  • Wy-: away
  • -zyk: son of
  • Kich-, -kich: one who
  • -zala: family
  • -lik: clan
  • -vru: blood of
  • -zek: of
  • Da-: large
  • Kili-: small

How to Generate Herilzek

Herilzek is generally made by smashing together Polish and Hungarian, for that perfect Eastern European mileau. Given the similarities of both languages, you can probably steal bits of either without it being too out of place. Obviously, religious names from our world have a strong possibility of breaking immersion, though.
Inizek language.png

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