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Roll Randomly, Article Create

Have you been seeing some of the amazing Random Roll Tables being made and wanted some cool ways to use them in your worldbuilding? I've got you covered.  

Roll For Articles

One of the simplest ways to use a Roll Table is to use Anna Boyetts Template table, which breaks down each Template into further sub-Templates to help inspire your next article!   Create your own Tables that include different nations, species, cultures or even eras to either inform your new Article!


Random Names

Struggling to create names for guards and shopkeeps? Tired of the five hours of research to give meaningful names to every character? Create Species and Ethnicity based tables of fifty or more generic names to roll for when making new characters. Remember, if I can graduate with twelve John Smith's, your world can have two Aerith Maladictus's.

Fearian Naming, Male

Roll the Dice
3Dáivi, Daithi
6Stiofán, Steafán
15Dainéal, Dainial

Generate Demographics

Demographic, General

Roll the Dice
1Equal, all Species
2High Dyn Bach, Few Fearian
3High Fearian, Few Dyn Bach
4Very High Marmor, Few Fearian
5High Fearian, Some Nýmfi, Some Marmor
6High Nýmfi, Some Fearian
7High Fearian, Some Marmor
8Equal Fearian and Marmor
9High Marmor, Some Fearian
10Single Species, no others

Another smart use for tables is in deciding Settlement Demographics. I like to keep this general, but with a Grandmaster Guild Membership, I've heard some CSS can create nested tables. Create a Settlement type (Hamlet, Village, Town, City, Large City, Capital) table with rough population ranges, and then roll for how those populations are divided on either a Species (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, etc) or an Ethnicity Table. Have the results be in ranges or percentages, or just have High Human, low Elven, some Dwarves as generic options.

Of course, these are just a dew ways you can use Roll Tables to make your worldbuilding easier. I've seen some users create tables for their Tea Drinking Habits.

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