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Time division rambles

hours in a day/planet rotational period: 32 (16 hours of 'day', 16 hours of 'night'-- divided into sections of 16 like egyptian nights, based off star positions)   12 day weeks (like 5 elements calendar)   400 day year/revolution   4 phases per year, eight weeks per phase   2 months of four weeks in each phase (kind of divided into 'early [phase], latter [phase]'-- actually, it should be more like 'rising [phase], setting [phase]')   32 weeks in a year, 16 transitional period days (each transitional period is 4 days long, and comes between phases)   four moons (100, 96, 48, and 24 day cycles)   Some Random Fucker is 15 in year 253, dies in 269 lmao   redhead is from a time ~2000 years after this

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