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not quite tengu

wings, feathers on different parts of body, feet/hands kind of talon-like   taboo to show face or body aside from wings; all wear masks of different species of birds and very, very modest (covering) dress. All juviniles are given simple masks, without defined features, and they are to design their permanent mask during adolescence. Each must decide on a bird species, but minor alterations of the mask may be made in the case of damage to it. Each species denotes much of the characteristics of the being, as they are to choose species they relate to/identify with the most. The head of each village has final say on the species of the mask-- they provide reasoning that the individual may not have considered, if the choice is different.   this species was created by hìzámạ́, and is exclusively male. The mountains they are native to (in the Northeast Archipellago) are often subject to heavy magic fog/mist, and every so often it coalesces into an egg.

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