Valerian Royal Ship King Thamior the 1st

The Valerian Royal Ship King Thamior the 1st is the current flag ship of the Valerian navy, it is solely commanded by the king of Valeria, or his representative if he can't command it himself.

Within the Valerian navy this ship is only 1 of 3 to bare the designation VRS most valerian ships use the VNS designation. This ship is also unique in that it was built in 372 under the order of it's name sake to specifications that are making it a first rate warship by contemporary standards.

In total the ship sunk 32 different vessels across the sea's it sailed in, this ship is the only elvish vessel to have sailed past the pirate confederacy claim.

The vessel emblem has the words "Pride of the King" inscribed in elvish at the top of the circle while the King's name "Thamior" is at the lower point in the left of the circle the number 373 is inscribed to reference the year of commision while the opposed side has the acronym VRS.

Everyone figuring in the chart below may be eligible to command the ship whenever the king is unable or unwilling to do so

Notable Crewmans

King Thamior of Valeria
Character | Sep 18, 2021

King Aramil of Valeria
Character | Sep 18, 2021

King Thamior the 2nd
Character | Sep 18, 2021

King Theren of Valeria
Character | Sep 18, 2021

King Varis of Valeria
Character | Sep 18, 2021

Service record

The ship entered service in 373 and is still in use today with a long list of achievements within it's career
  • Participation in the bombardment of Dalvia Costal fortification in 385
  • Sunk the DKS Dalvia 385
  • Sunk an additional 6 Warships in the Valerian-Dalvian wars 385-387
  • Participated in the bombardment of the settlement on Dwarf island 431
  • Defended Dwarf Island from Taupi's Royal Navy Frigates 445
  • Severely damaged defending Dwarf Island in a loosing battle 452
  • Sunk a total of 8 warship during the Dwarf Island conflicts 431-453
  • Escorted Dalvian merchant vessel to Witria 571-602
  • Participated in the defense of the southern coast of Valeria against Leivik assault 634-644
  • Sunk 10 of Leivik Warship and 5 of their supply ship 634-644
  • Sent on a mission to map the ocean for Valeria from 820 to 1073
  • Discovered the southern coast of the Loutwelian Empire 847
  • Discovered Western coast of Helteria 848
  • Discovered the Donanian Theocracy 854
  • Captured the pirate known has Apto Flintclaw in 1044
  • carried the body of King Aramil back to valeria after his passing on board of the ship in 1072
  • Fought Blackbeard's fleet and sunk 2 of his ships 1608
VRS King Thamior the 1st
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