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Dermite is a unique alloy, comprising the best traits of metals, plastics, and rubbers.   Its exact chemical is a miles-long chain of ingredients and compounds, both organic and not, resulting in a material that has the strength of metal, the flexibility of rubbers, and the ability to mold it into pretty much any shape and maintain its strength like that of a plastic. All of these things are well and good, even alone, but they aren't even the main draws of the material.¬†   That would be two-fold. Its ability to be semi-permeable, and more importantly, its rather strong ability to self-heal give the right materials and time. In synthetic¬†models, this ability allows for the healing of even moderate wounds, at least on a cosmetic level. Once the Dermite has healed, it's protection then allows for the inner nanites of an individual to heal more internal damages.   As such, it's the perfect material to form the outer shell of synthetic creatures and is pretty universally used in that capacity. It is used in other fields, mainly computing, for strong casings that need to be unique shapes.

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