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Sometimes I wake up in the morning and contemplate the existence of the colony and my purpose here. All we've got around here is fish... a lot of damn fish.
— Fredrijks the Fish
  Upésis is a fledgeling colony established by the Republic of Taisas on the banks of the Ravil, a wide river known for its incredibly diverse freshwater ecosystem. The colony's primary function is to serve as a fishbarrel for the rest of the country, providing its citizens with enough food. A large portion of the settlement lies within the ruins of a massive library that was at some point in history bombed, leaving only half of the building standing.


The Colonial Congress

The colony's government consists of ten members of the Colonial Congress. Every five years the colony holds an election where the people who live there get to choose their representatives. The Colonial Congress is led by a Mengāusas, an individual selected by the central government of the Republic of Taisas who has to represent the country's interests, send reports back home, and to make sure that the goods from the colony arrive back in the main settlements in time.

The Burgundy Bunker

When the government of the colony was established, they unanimously agreed to work underneath the ruins of the massive library that the people had begun to call Prisās. There beneath the structure was a secure bunker with dull and grey reinforced concrete walls, and oddly enough, the furniture was comfortable and all of it was the colour of burgundy. Because of this, the seat of the colonial government became known as the Burgundy Bunker.


Sunrise in Forest by Krists Luhaers
Upésis has always relied on its well-armed garrison and in more recent times, their weaponised fishing vessels that they equipped with armour plating and machine guns. The colonial garrison consists of fifty soldiers from the Taisari Defence Force. The colonists themselves aren't recruited as they are needed for other work such as fishing, construction, and ship maintenance. The soldiers live in a building made of metal scraps, that's located in the ruined library, Prisās. Their barracks lies right next to the entrance of the Burgundy Bunker.

The garrison has six watchtowers around the ruins of the old town. Two soldiers have to be on watch on each of the towers at all times. Each of the towers is equipped with a spotlight, a stockpile of extra ammunition, a portable stove, and several flares that the guards are supposed to use when they see a threat approaching the colony. One of the towers next to the river also has a machine gun attached to it.


Search for Sustenance

As the country's main settlements expanded, its leadership grew more ambitious, but the people began to demand better food and living conditions. At first, the protests were violently suppressed on the orders of Valler Keila of Taisas, but after a while, she saw an opportunity.

Early in the morning of a cold spring day, the Taisari Defence Force arrested the main leaders of the protests and brought them to the Valler while a large crowd observed from a distance. She presented them with an offer. They could serve the country and the people they claim to care so much about, by going out into the wilderness in search of a good source of food, or they could all face the firing squad.

New Nourishment

The dissidents accepted the task, much to the chagrin of a few who were looking forward to the public spectacle. The group received warm clothes, rations, rifles, ammunition, a single flaregun, and roughly repaired snowmobiles. One of them figured that their group should move south.

From what they had gathered from the ancient texts, the lands to the south were warmer and the ground in those regions was fertile. A perfect solution to their food crisis. As they kept exploring and the days turned to weeks, the group had found itself stranded in the hills without any power left in their vehicles. By the next morning, the snowfall had stopped, revealing the ruins of a small town next to a river.

We had lost ears and fingers, our faith in the mission and ourselves was wavering, and we were ready to give up and face the consequences, but by some miracle, we had stumbled across our salvation.
— Kaupos Belaris

Fresh Fish

The group approached the crumbling ruins of what looked like a cosy small town. The first building that had caught their eyes was the library, a colossal structure that had been severely damaged at some point. With the intention of exploring the building, the group moved through the ruined streets until the heard movement. Out of the corner of their eye, one of them spotted a man in rough, white furs, walking around with a crude rifle made of scrap. As they considered what to do, the stranger spotted them and readied his firearm.  
A tense standoff ensued and more of the strange fur-covered men joined in. Eventually, after minutes had passed, one of the strangers approached without a weapon as the other covered him from behind. The oldest of the dissidents, Kaupos Belaris leaned his rifle against the wall of a collapsed apartment complex and approached the unarmed stranger. The two tried to talk but proved to be difficult. Eventually, by using mutually understandable words and body language, the two were able to communicate.
The locals and the Taisari explorers explained who they were and after the two men had introduced themselves, the tensions eased. The leader of the locals introduced them to the crumbling ruins of the ancient town. As they approached the river the explorers asked the local leader for potential trade agreement in hopes that he could learn what resources the new land had. The fur-covered man was eager to discuss business and he claimed that they had a massive surplus of fish.
  Claiming that he had the authority to arrange a trade agreement, Kaupos Belaris offered to send the tribe better weapons from the Republic of Taisas in exchange for food shipments. The local leader agreed to the lucrative deal and gave the explorers warmer clothes, dried fish, and skies so that they could return home without freezing or starving on the way. When Kaupos and his companions returned, they told everything that had happened. Keila of Taisas was pleased with their performance and assigned them in charge of the squads tasked with the conquest of the territory and the founding of Upésis.

There ain't much to do around here. It's all about the fishing and even though some of the workers might complain about the lack of entertainment, they all know that the work they do and the fish they provide for the rest of Taisas is incredibly important.
— The Codfather, Snapper & Chums CEO
Flag of Upésis by Mihkel Rand
Founding Date
22 AGA
Alternative Name(s)
The Barrel
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Included Locations
Owning Organization
Heli - Riverlands

Tribal Troubles

The arrival of the Taisari had caught the local tribes and gangs off guard and they were forced to flee the ruins without putting up much of a fight. For a while, they were content with leaving the strangers to live in the crumbling town but the situation changed when less and less fish were ending up in their nets. Eventually a group of fishermen from the nearby Sei Tribe travelled up the river to investigate the problem.

Upon reaching the territories that had been abandoned and left to the foreigners, they saw over a dozen Taisari fishing boats casting and pulling nets in and out of the river. Furious, the tribesmen approached and attempted to fire upon the fishermen with their crude rifles. Caught surprised, the Taisari took cover, grabbed what weapons they could find, and returned fire.

After taking a few casualties and seeing the colonial garrison rush into the fray, the tribesmen began to retreat. Only a few of them made it back home alive. They explained to their people what had happened to the rest and to the fish. The news disturbed the people and within days, every nearby group had heard the news.
View of Ice Bergs by NastyaSensei Sens

Upēsis Local Map

Cover image: Two Man Hiking on Snow Mountain by Flo Maderebner
  • 22 AGA

    2 /3

    Arresting of the Dissidents
    Political event

    The Taisari Defence Force arrests Kaupos Belaris and his people for their activist activities that the had begun to incite unrest among the people, threatening the national security of the Republic of Taisas.

  • 22 AGA

    7 /3

    Kaupos' Expedition

    The dissidents get an offer from Valler Keila of Taisas to go on a mission to unexplored regions in search for a reliable source of food. The explorers accept and leave on snowmobiles, fully aware that if they fail their quest, they won't be welcome anymore.

  • 22 AGA

    5 /4

    Discovery of the Ruins
    Discovery, Exploration

    The expedition finds an ancient combed city near a river. While exploring the ruins the Taisari came across a group of local fur-wearing tribesmen who, after successfully managing to communicate with the expeditionaries, told them about their abundance of fish and expressed their desire to trade with the newcomers. Kaupos Belaris agreed to trade and began the return trip back to the Republic of Taisas.

  • 22 AGA

    11 /5

    Claiming the Ruins
    Military action

    The Taisari Defence Force had to march through the snow, making the journey difficult and time-consuming, but after over a month, they were in an advantageous position to attack. With the long-range riflemen on the edge of a high cliff covering the assault squads, the locals fled as fast as they heard gunshots. Within an hour the ruins were under Taisari control and only one soldier had been somewhat injured. Six locals died as they tried to flee.

  • 22 AGA

    17 /5

    The Explorers Return Home
    Military action

    After promising the locals something that he was in no position to provide, Kaupos Belaris began the journey back home. They managed to find a slightly quicker route and returned clad in the warm furs that the tribesmen had given them. Valler Keila of Taisas was pleased to hear of their success and assigned Kaupos Belaris in charge of the invading squads that were tasked with the conquest of the ruins and the surrounding territory.

  • 22 AGA

    2 /7

    First Settlers

    The Taisari Defence Force guarded the ruins for over a month, but the locals that had fled hadn't returned. Eventually they informed their superiors in the capital, Gale, that they were ready to help defend a new colony. By the time the settlers arrived, the soldiers had already built the first shacks and moved into some of the sturdier building. They also named the settlement Upésis.


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