Sei Tribe

Sei'vigh Hóieto

The arrival of the Taisari had broken our dreams of a peaceful future. Now, the only path left for us is war and the reconquest of what we've lost. Through bloodshed shall we restore our prosperity!
Sara the Icebreaker, Riverlord of the Sei
  A union of proud families, a people of fish and snow, and now, the enemy of Taisas. The Sei Tribe was until a few years ago, one of the most peaceful factions on the shores of the Belsa. Everything changed however, when the search for food led to conflicts between them and the Taisari. Recently they've gone through a process of rapid militarisation to preserve their freedom. With multiple firearms and melee weapons in each household, their people hope to protect their territories and to reclaim what was lost.

Politics and Society

Most people in the Sei live together with their large families somewhere out in the wilderness. Households tend to be either isolated or in compact small villages where multiple families work together for the common good of the village. In such communities, disputes between individuals and families are handled by a council of village elders. Each family's elder, even those who had no role to play in whatever incident the council is dealing with, will take part in the jurisdictional procedure.  

Small Government

The Sei Tribe lacks a strong government that could pass laws and then enforce them. They have an official leader in the form of the Riverlord, but even they can not order people around. Everything relies on the people's will and determination to work together for a common prosperous future. Only those wisest and most respected become their leaders. The Sei hope to achieve greatness through volunteering and bartering. Their ways of liberty and self-determination offer them a life free from tyranny, but at a cost to their defensive capabilities.  

Gáhn Fal

With the rapid militarisation of Sei society and the threat of foreign invasion, isolated families have been voluntarily moving to some of the larger villages as well as Gáhn Fal, the only fortified Sei settlement and home of the Riverlord.   The village communities and the walls of the tribe's capital offer a feeling of security that has become highly desirable in recent years.


When dealing with larger disputes between villages or a case in which the elders are unable to come up with a clear decision, the Riverlord will have to intervene. They are elected to serve for ten years by the elders of Sei and command the respect of the tribe.   A Riverlords aren't allowed to give out orders as that would go against the spirit of Sei freedom. Instead, they make speeches that are aimed to convince their people to follow them.
Unlike you lot, my folk enjoy proper freedom. No great and all-powerful government to dictate our lives, just free will and determination.
— Prisoner ML-008


Without anyone to collect taxes, the Sei are unable to form a proper standing army. The tribal households have to find their own weapons and armour so that they could join up with their local militia groups. A typical village has one to four different militia groups who all focus on different tactics. The different groups host friendly competitions where they try to outperform each other in sharpshooting contests, endurance courses, and other sports. The competitions are there to encourage improvement and to train the troops.  


Volunteers in the militia are equipped with whatever the soldiers can find. There are a few wealthier groups that provide their members with sturdy rifles and helmets, but for the most part, the militiamen wear their heavy coats and use spears or salvaged firearms as weapons. Since Leili knives are common among the Sei, most members of militia organisations carry them on their belts.   When on a raid or patrol, they carry warm sacks on their backs that contain ammunition, food, water, and tools to make fire with. One of the soldiers must also bring a pot and spare firewood in case they need to boil something.

Defend the Tribe!

The decades of peace are over! Our independence, our liberty that we so dearly value, are threatened by foreign tyranny.   Grab your rifles and join up with one of your local militia organisations. Within small and well-trained units, our forces will be deadly to all who dare invade. Only as a united force of autonomous platoons can we secure a better future for ourselves and our children!

Riverlord Sara
High Hill, Gáhn Fal, Sei Tribe

Perseverance Through Peace

Founding Date
17 BGA
Geopolitical, Tribe
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Barter system
Major Exports
Lumber, fish
Major Imports
Neighboring Nations
Expedition Report - Sei
Document | Oct 25, 2019

The reports that were written by the Taisari explorers who were tasked with finding the home of the Sei tribe.

Heli - Riverlands

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