Maldoraka Feraxia

Maldoraka Karcharias Feraxia

A sprightly youth in both spirit and age, the half-dragon Maldoraka is the oldest inhabitant of Lake Bierik, and is likely to remain that way. She went on many adventures in her youth, returning home to share the spoils and stories of her travels with her friends at home. She quickly became more than just a celebrity, with bards writing songs of her deeds, and many suitors offering their hand to her. Her draconic temperament and youthful impulsiveness led to many of those suitors sharing her bed, and before long she had to take an early break from her travels and return home to deliver and nurse the aftermath of those encounters. Not the type to learn from her youthful mistakes, this has become a pattern that holds true to this day, which perhaps makes sense as Maldoraka is still a youth in dragon years. She has many children and many more descendants, and the Nauta Neptare shrine to the ancestors is said by some to be a shrine to her personally.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Maldoraka has a strong connection with metal, and is by far the best smith Lake Bierik has ever boasted
Current Location
Year of Birth
4636 AR 86 Years old
Other Affiliations


Author's Notes

Mostly taken from the writings of player's backstory and background

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