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Patriel Dragan

Captain Patriel Dragan, the Ravengro garrison’s aging commander, distinguished himself in a recent war and has the respect of his charges and the community at large. He cares little about the day-to-day politics of Ravengro and encourages his men to stay out of local business. He sees his job as critical to the defence of Canterwall. Ravengro is just something that happens to be near his essential work.   He supports Governor-Mayor Leonard Clancy out of respect for the political process that put him in power, if not for the man himself. His most trusted advisor is the Iomedian chief cleric Valkus Dun, who acts as Dragan's spiritual advisor and foil.


Contacts & Relations

Captain Patriel Dragan leads a detachment of the Foreguard, who stand guard over the county’s borders under the command of the wary veteran Captain Daladmin Quin. The Palatine Council of Canterwall is slowly losing patience with the aging Captain Quin, who can offer no reason for a rash of disappearances of villagers and whole villages along the southern border. Dragan hopes to remain in good standing with the council so that one day he might replace Captain Quin rather than have his soldiers be placed under the leadership of the paranoid captain of the Wallguard, Captain Balton Rhasrakin.
Current Location
Current Residence
Foreguard Garrison