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Leonard Clancy


Governor-Mayor Leonard Clancy is the chief representative of the county town of Tamrivena in Ravengro, by reputation a lecherous philanderer. The mine managers run the mines in trust for Tamrivena, and it is Clancy’s responsibility to ensure that the proper share of the proceeds goes back to Tamrivena and that the mines are run to the maximum benefit of his town.   His younger brother is the local mage Alistair Clancy.   Leonard came to Ravengro from Tamrivena about ten years ago. Right after the assassination of the previous board of councillors, the Palatine Council appointed Leonard to the position of Governor-Mayor. He had business acumen, was a former adventurer, and was born and raised in Ravengro. The council felt he had all the requirements necessary to lead the town.   Leonard Clancy is a cunning individual, and few trust him, but he implements justice quickly when necessary. How much money such a judiciary costs is up for debate. His home is visited by dignitaries, mining managers, and, just as often, countless cronies and concubines. His home, easily one of the largest in Ravengro, is constantly being improved and expanded. Apparently, he's never short of money, so Leonard keeps ensuring his home is subjected to endless building projects to ensure the size of his house exceeds that of the mine managers whose power and influence he jealously covets. It is no secret that the Governor-Mayor has his sights set on advancing his political reach to Caliphas City at some point.   Visits for official business with the Governor-Mayor are by appointment only. It may take 2-3 weeks for such an appointment to become available.
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