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Alistair Clancy

Alistair Clancy is the local residential mage at Ravengro and brother to the Governor-Mayor, Leonard Clancy.   Since coming to Ravengro, although officially retired from adventuring, exploring, and aggressively practicing the arcane arts, he has become a scholar to the locals. Arguably the smartest man in town (there is not much competition), he charges for seat visits (by appointment) and answers history questions from his travels.   Though no recluse, he is rarely seen around town or the many shops (let alone the dens of vice). He prefers to spend his leisure time tending to his garden. He's kind-hearted but down-to-earth, with little tolerance or patience for stupidity or laziness. He prefers people who help themselves and those who think for themselves - although he has no problem guiding them in the right direction.   Alistair spends much of his time working on enchanting his wheelchair, and working on a set of leg braces that will allow him to walk once again. No one knows what happened that took his ability to walk, but it is believed that a curse took his legs and his desire to continue his life of adventuring.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Alistair grew up in Ravengro with his brother, Leonard Clancy. The sons of the town's powerful and efficient councillors abused their influence and shamed the mine managers with social indiscretions. When they finally went too far, their father sent them both to Tavrivena, urging Alistair to seek an education and placing Leonard in a plum assignment with the town watch. Alistair soon found himself moving to Caliphas and studying at the Quarterfaux Archives, studying nobility and artifacts. His apt scholarship caught the attention of a powerful master wizard tiefling who not only aided the Pathfinder Society on occasion but often travelled with renowned heroes of the day.   The wizard offered to take on Alistair as his apprentice, assuring him a life of thrills and discovery. Alistair got a window into a world of manipulative chess masters willing to backstab trusted friends to honour abstract principles of balance and neutrality. Though he thrived in the wizard's company, Alistair split with the group after a bitter ethical dispute resultingĀ in Alistair losing the use of his legs. He retired to Ravengro only to find his brother in charge and facing challenges from all sides. So he remains, knowing his presence supports a corrupt leader but unwilling to leave his family to the wolves. The same political disinterest that got him into trouble with his wizard patron keeps him from seeing the worst of his brother's offences.
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