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Kasu Ayamani

(a.k.a. Hell's Assassin)

Kasu Ayanami is a pale, bald, tiefling woman adorned with intricate Varisian facial tattoos. Born into a world filled with arcane secrets and otherworldly beings, Kasu was entangled in a treacherous pact with a devil. Desperate to break free from this binding contract, she embarked on a perilous journey, driven by an unwavering determination to regain her freedom.   The magical tattoos on Kasu's wrists tell a tale of their own. Adorned with the images of two daggers, these intricate designs resonate with latent power. Rumours swirl among the adventurers and sages who have heard of her, suggesting that these tattoos possess arcane enchantments, enhancing her abilities or perhaps serving as a conduit for her magical endeavours.   Witnesses recount a story where the name of a was inscribed in infernal on one of her dagger tattoos. Kasu had been hunting the drow for some time and had learned her story. Kasu chose to face the drow rather than simply kill her unknowingly. The drow had grown tired of running and gave herself up for execution. Kasu killed the drow with a surgical stab and stood back as her body disintegrated into ash. Kasu opened her hand and discovered a soul coin nestled in the hand that once held the drow's name. It became apparent that Kasu's pursuit of collecting the souls of others was not merely a macabre fascination but rather a desperate attempt to accumulate enough power to liberate herself from the clutches of her infernal contract.

Mental characteristics


For a time, Kasu was a member of the Order of the Hunt. The Order does not allow for taking bounties outside of the guild. However, Aldric Shadowclaw made special allowances in her case since Kasu was not competing on behalf of another bounty hunting guild.    Kasu and the Order parted ways after she stole a map from the guild's vault. The map was believed to reveal the location of Shadowchain, a sword Kasu believed would free her from her contract. Aldric did not order any member of the Hunt to reclaim the map. Instead he sent word to Kasu that she could consider it her severance pay.

Personality Characteristics


At the heart of Kasu's quest lies an enigmatic sword named Shadowchain. The blade has an ancient and ominous lineage, appealing to Kasu and her infernal patron. A Soul Gem is embedded within the blade of Shadowchain, and within that gem is trapped a soul of great value to Kasu’s patron. She believes that if he can find the sword, she can trade the soul trapped in the gem for her own.  

Malzethar, the Tempter of Ambition