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Harvesters Guild

In the quaint and picturesque town of Ravengro, nestled between rolling hills and nestled beside a winding river, the Harvesters Guild weaves its intricate tapestry of commerce and community. Ravengro, with its charming cobblestone streets and timber-framed buildings, depends heavily on agriculture for its sustenance, making the Harvesters Guild an indispensable presence in the town's daily life.  

Guild Headquarters

The heart of the Harvesters Guild in Ravengro lies within a sturdy, timber-clad structure adorned with a large, intricately carved mill wheel prominently displayed above the entrance. This hub of activity hums with the orchestrated symphony of trade discussions, ledger entries, and the pleasant clatter of bustling merchants. The guild's emblem—a sheaf of wheat encircled by a pair of hands clasped in unity—greets all approaching, symbolizing the cooperative spirit that binds the guild and the town.  

Market Days

Ravengro's central market square springs to life on designated market days, when it transforms into a vibrant tableau of colours and sounds. Stalls laden with bushels of wheat, barrels of apples, and crates of vegetables stand side by side. The Guild Square, as it's affectionately called, is dominated by a towering granary, a proud testament to the guild's commitment to stockpiling and equitable distribution. Traders from neighbouring towns and villages gather to engage in spirited trade, under the watchful eye of guild representatives who ensure fairness and adherence to guild principles.  

Community Support

Beyond commerce, the Harvesters Guild nurtures a spirit of camaraderie and support within Ravengro. In times of need, such as crop failures or natural disasters, the guild rallies its members and resources to extend aid and relief to affected families. This unwavering commitment to the well-being of the community cements the guild's position as an integral pillar of Ravengro's social fabric.  

Council of Grainmasters

At the core of the guild's operations stands the Council of Grainmasters, a group of seasoned traders and community leaders who convene regularly to discuss procurement, pricing, and distribution matters. Chaired by the Master Grainwright, a respected figure in both guild and town, the council ensures that the interests of farmers, traders, and consumers are harmonized. Decisions made here have a profound impact on the well-being of both the town and its hinterlands.   The council consists of five esteemed members, each holding a unique role and representing a different facet of the grain trade and local community. They include:  
  1. Master Grainwright: The esteemed leader of the council, chosen for their experience, wisdom, and impeccable reputation. They preside over meetings, mediate disputes, and provide guidance to uphold the guild's principles. They report direction to Governor-Mayor Leonard Clancy.
  2. Granary Keeper: Responsible for the storage and distribution of grains, the Granary Keeper ensures that food reserves are managed efficiently and that surplus yields are distributed equitably to safeguard against scarcity.
  3. Accounting Scribe: The meticulous keeper of the guild's financial records, this council member maintains ledgers, tracks transactions, and ensures transparency in the guild's financial matters.
  4. Community Liaison: Acting as a bridge between the guild and the broader community, the Community Liaison gathers feedback, addresses concerns, and promotes goodwill to strengthen the guild's bonds with the people of Ravengro.
  5. Custodian of Fisheries: Recently, there has been a movement to bring the fishing industry back to Ravengro. Most of the fish in Lake Lias have been killed by pollution from the mines. It's an uphill battle, but one the Custodian of Fisheries undertakes.

Council Responsibilities

The Council of Grainmasters convenes regularly to deliberate on matters of policy, trade agreements, pricing standards, and distribution methods. They collaborate to ensure that Ravengro's agricultural resources are harnessed effectively and that the townspeople benefit from the guild's operations. Decisions made by the council impact trade relationships, market regulations, and the overall prosperity of Ravengro.  

Selection and Qualifications

Council members are selected through a combination of merit, experience, and community respect. To qualify, individuals must deeply understand agriculture, trade, and the town's socio-economic dynamics. Many council members are former merchants, seasoned farmers, or individuals renowned for their dedication to the welfare of the town and its agricultural heritage.   Currently, the Council members are:
  1. Master Grainwright Gwendolyn Thorne: Gwendolyn is an elegant and wise elder with silver hair and piercing blue eyes. Her presence commands respect, and her rich attire reflects her role as a leader. She exudes an air of authority and approachability. She lives in Caliphas City, but her family still owns land in Ravengro, qualifying her to be on the council. A former diplomat and accomplished negotiator, Gwendolyn's years of experience have honed her trade and community diplomacy skills. She deeply understands Ravengro's history and has an unwavering commitment to its prosperity.
  2. Granary Keeper Percival Blackwood: Percival is a sturdy and focused man, often found wearing an ink-stained apron. His hands bear calluses from years of labour, and his sharp gaze belies his meticulous nature. Born to a long line of farmers, Percival's passion for order and organization led him to oversee the granaries. He takes great pride in ensuring that Ravengro's food supply is managed efficiently, earning him the trust of the town.
  3. Community Liason Lilia Fairweather Lilia is a lively and charismatic individual, her laughter echoing through the bustling market square. She has a warm smile and a quick wit that draws people to her. A skilled trader and natural communicator, Lilia's ability to handle diverse personalities and mediate disputes makes her a perfect fit for managing market days. Her vibrant spirit infuses the market with energy and camaraderie.
  4. Accounting Scribe Marcus Jolsen: Marcus is a surly gentleman, often seen engaging in heated conversations with townspeople. His eyes reflect a deep understanding of human nature and a genuine desire manipulate those he can't bully. Growing up in Ravengro, Marcus developed a strong bond with the community. His drive to have the most prosperous farm has made him committed to increasing the profitability of the guild.
  5. Custodian of Fisheries Elias Hawthorne: Elias is a gentle and empathetic soul, often engaging in heartfelt conversations with townspeople. His eyes reflect a deep understanding of nature and a genuine desire to help.
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