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Captain Joseph Lorune

Joseph Lorune was the pampered son of Lydia and Woodrow Lorune. Lydia and Woodrow were adventurers who had amassed a fortune before settling down and starting a family. They retired to live a quiet, relaxing life. Lydia, a warrior with a keen mind for strategy, invested funds in a few businesses around Korvosa. Woodrow, a wizard, kept tabs on those investments. Together they expanded on their fortune and hoped to pass it along to their children.   Joseph was the firstborn, followed by his sister Vionne. The children sat at night and listened to stories of their parents' escapades. Vionne knew she would grow up to be an adventurer like her parents. Joseph was content to read stories and pretend to slay dragons. As they grew older, it became clear that Joseph was more interested in spending the family fortune and enjoying the finer things in life. Vionne trained with her parents and left Korvosa as a magus. Joseph waved as she left, then returned to the wine cellar. His parents were not impressed.  

From the Nest to the Ocean

  Joseph was summoned before his parents the morning after another party at the family estate. They believed that Joseph was not only spoiled but the boy was soft. His sister was out in the world, risking her life while she earned her fortune. Joseph was becoming a laughing stock around Korvosa, and his parents would no longer allow their son to ruin his reputation and the family name.   Joseph was shocked. Just because he hadn't grabbed some dirty armour and ran out to stab things didn't mean he was soft. And a laughing stock? Him? He was Joseph Lorune, respected and beloved by all in Korvosa! His parents were fools, and he would show them!   That very afternoon, Joseph stormed to the pier and bought his ship - the Mighty Maiden (because it sounded tough). He had always wanted to sail the oceans, fight pirates, and see the world. So he made himself Captain, paid the crew well, and prepared for adventure. Instead, he ran the same trade routes to keep his crew happy and paid. First Mate Serena, an experienced sailor and the de-facto captain, made up for Joseph's lack of experience. Second mate Ungur handled much of the business aspect regarding contracts with ports. Bosun Nirman managed the crew while serving as a technician to the mechanical rowing construct Piko.   Captain Joseph Lorune quickly realized that he needed the crew because they were experienced and capable fighters. Pirates boarded his ship once, but the crew (and Piko) dispatched them. He had several other brushes with what could be considered "adventure" and "danger," but the crew managed to keep him alive. The crew remained with the Captain because he always paid them, and Serena kept him from getting them into too much trouble. To his credit, while being incapable of navigating the ocean, Captain Joseph Lorune could navigate the bureaucrats and noblemen that tried to shackle them in red tape.  

The Well Runs Dry

  After a difficult and stormy trip to Magnimar, Joseph visited the Church of Abadar to retrieve coin from the family account. His request was denied. Shocked, Joseph demanded a mage to send word to his parents. Woodrow teleported and appeared before his son. He explained that Joseph was out of control and the free ride was over. He would only be allowed back in the family's good graces when he proved himself capable, much like his sister had. She, not Joseph, would take over the family business and Joseph would be disowned.   Joseph explained that he had been the captain of a ship! He'd fought pirates! Woodrow told his son that he knew what the crew had done, and what Joseph had not. He was a coward and a disgrace. Woodrow then disappeared, leaving Joseph alone.   A coward? Joseph Lorune was many things, but a coward was not one of them! He would prove that to his father, his crew, everyone! But how?   The answer was obvious. He would become an adventurer. Not just an adventurer, but one even greater than his sister! He began frequenting taverns known to be the gathering place of adventurers. He questioned them and asked about his sister Vionne. Had they heard of her? What were some of the things she had done? What were her achievements, so that he could surpass them? The sellswords he offered coin to, had no shortage of achievements Vionne had done. Some may have been exaggerating, or just making random things up. Joseph took it all as gospel, and soon his To-Do list was complete!  

A New Chapter

  Before partaking on his next adventure, Captain Joseph Lorune needed to make some serious money. Luckily, a man claiming to be an awakened azlanti named Alduin hired him to retrieve some personal items near the ruins of Old Azlant. Serena was cautious, but the azlanti paid them in platinum bars, all the incentive they needed.   After spending weeks with the azlanti, his presence seemed to affect the crew and the Captain was not pleased with it. Alduin was tall, handsome, physically imposing, and had bold confidence that quickly won over the crew. Despite Alduin assuring Lorune that the Captain was just that, the crew seemed to look to Alduin for guidance.   One night, after Alduin had successfully retrieved his hidden cache of strange magical items and valuable gems from somewhere deep beneath the ocean, the azlanti hosted a celebration for the captain and the crew. They opened the cork on many recently discovered bottles of azlanti wine and spirits, which turned out to be borderline toxic. Alduin's superior constitution helped him fend off the adverse effects, but the rest of the crew became staggeringly drunk. Far too deep in his cup, Captain Lorune confessed to Alduin his desire to become a great adventurer but admitted he didn't know what skills he needed.   Alduin smiled, something rare for him, and claimed he could help. He took Lorune back to his quarters, something Alduin had never allowed before. He presented the captain with one of the items he had retrieved from his cache. It was a crystal of some sort, shaped like an egg. Barely able to stand, Captain Lorune tried to eat the egg. Alduin kept him from choking and told him to look at it. Lorune watched the crystal for several long moments. The room began to spin, and just before he lost consciousness, Joseph Lorune thought he saw something inside the crystal move. The Captain then fell unconscious.  

From the Sea to the Land

  Captain Joseph Lorune woke the next morning to an unfortunate and unbelievable sight. His ship was parked on the side of the Lost Coast Road, and the azlanti was gone along with most of the crew of the Mighty Maiden.   Lorune, embracing the opportunity and the "blessing" he had received from the azlanti, had Nirman reprogram Piko to begin converting the ship to an Inn. He would use it as a base of operations where he could commence his adventuring career and begin taking things off his To-Do list. The few remaining sailors decided that the tavern life was not for them and gladly fled and joined other ships. But Serena, Ungur, and Nirman remained with Captain Joseph Lorune.   The Mighty Maiden was born!
Current Status
Innkeeper, Hopeful Adventurer
Current Residence
The Mighty Maid-Inn