Bertox Xulous

  Bertox was a Halfling Alchemist, black marketeer, and a creator of life and anarchy. He used simulacrum throughout Golarion, activating them as he needed them in various cities. Where the real Bertox resides is a mystery.   While he preferred to create, Bertox also dealt in magical items. Specifically the buying and selling of said items. Customers must be vetted and referred to him, especially for more "forbidden" items.  


Bertox doesn't have friends. He doesn't trust anyone he didn't create. That's why he travels with Ava Spellstorm, an awakened husky from his travels to the north. Ava acts as an assistant of sorts, taking care of the day-to-day operations of the Imaginarium. She is also protective of Bertox, and her canine loyalty was enhanced when she became awakened.   Gunnbjorn is an awakened brown bear that acts as the security for the Imaginarium and Bertox. He appears gruff but has a soft spot for children. He also has a strong protective nature that was enhanced by the awakening.
Currently Boarded Vehicle
78 lbs