You should have seen it! There I was, sitting in camp after a hard day's work exploring the ruins, when all of the sudden these stones started moving. I nearly came out of my skin!
— A Rolighav Treasure Hunter


Athfar are medium-sized, land-based creatures found widely dispersed across the drier regions of Gokrenxia. They have short-nosed, cat-like heads with multiple sets of whiskers sweeping away from either side of their snout and eyes, cup-like rounded ears, and a single set of slightly-enlarged incisors. Their legs are short and thick, covered with fur ranging in subtle earth tones from sand to white, gray, or black. Long black claws extend from both their front and back paws. One of the most interesting features of the athfar, is the set of stone-colored beta-keratin spines that grows from the base of its skull to its hindquarters which it uses extensively for both camoflauge and defense.  


With their long claws and powerful legs, athfar are exceptional diggers. They use these natural tools to build extensive underground tunnel systems in which up to four of the critters may make their homes. Observers have reported athfar use their chisel-like incisors to carve away at stones, shaping them into a preferred form much like a sculptor creating a statue. Once finished, the stones are used to carefully construct conical mounds as caps to their tunnel exits. These "athfar mounds" are believed to help reduce the amount of rain and debris entering, while also offering some amount of defense from predators.
Athfar Mounds by dream by WOMBO


Docile, nocturnal creatures by nature, athfar enjoy laying on their rock mounds and sunning themselves during the daylight when they feel safe. They are curious but skiddish creatures, preferring to stay hidden or perfectly still when afraid. When threatened, they will first attempt to flee, but if pressed they will hiss and leverage their sharp claws to dissuade the threat, while angling their stone-like shell toward their adversary for protection.
Alternate Names
  • Stone Ghosts

  • Coloration
  • Gray stone-like spines across the back with various shades of gray, white, and black fur along the legs and head

  • Average Length
  • 30.48cm (12in)

  • Average Height
  • 17.78cm (7in)

  • Average Weight
  • 3-4kg (6.5-9lbs)

  • Average Lifespan
  • 10 years

  • Litter Size
  • Up to 4

  • History of the "Stone Ghosts"

    Imperial documents from the First Age make little mention of the athfar. However, since the end of Great War some 60 years ago, awareness and knowledge of the creatures has been on the rise. Interest spiked when treasure hunters and explorers delving into the ruins of many an abandoned Imperial city began returning with similar stories of what appeared to be mounds of carefully placed stones. At first they were thought to be grave markers, but much to the explorers' surprise these mounds were found to be changing over time. This resulted in superstitions surrounding "ghosts of stone" that sought to warn trespassers from desecrating Elven remains (Editor's note: The Imperials did little to dissuade this notion). In reality, these shifting stone mounds were due to the athfars' expansion of their homes.

    A submission for the Crafting Creatures #UnofficialChallenge by Strixxline's.

    Cover image: by dream by WOMBO


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