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No one knows how much time has passed since the Golden Age, the era of the first heroes. Time matters little to the immortal gods - and make no mistake, it is the gods who rule this world. But who rules the gods?   For ages, the answer to that question has been Zeus the Thunderer, youngest son of Kronos and king of the Olympian gods. From his throne at the summit of Mount Olympus, he watches the mortals on the surface of the earth, takes his pleasure from those who please him, and brings down the lightning of his wrath upon those who do not. His rule, they say, is absolute.   But underground, rebellion is brewing, and powerful forces are conspiring to bring the Thunderer's tyranny to an end. And so the life-threads of a few unlikely mortal heroes are spun together and woven into a web of conspiracy, whose outcome will decide the fate of this world of gods and men.   Why are ancient mythical mortals being reincarnated over and over again? Why does no one mention or even seem to have knowledge of the lands north of Macedonia, east of the Aegean Sea, west of the Ionian Sea? And whose are the voices whispering in the back of your mind, pulling the strings, rolling the dice that decide all things? Perhaps there is an answer; perhaps there is not. But either way, you have a destiny to fulfill.   A homebrew D&D 5e campaign setting based on Greek mythology.