The Sounds of Balance

The Word gives power over the Hierarchy
— The Smith in The Sounds of Balance
  A Pamplet created by the Balance, calling for the change in the Crane Imperium that all should be equal in front of the Law, the Titans and life itself. It introduces the believes of the Balance, and debates the status quo of the Imperium. The writers of the Sounds, all use false names and no one is sure who produces the actual pamplets, its entirely possible they created in multiple printing press locations across the imperium, But the pamplets appear in all major cities within the Imperium over the cause of around a week, but always different cities get it first, there appears to be no standised release schedule or locations. It appears when it appears, usually just appear in piles around the city for anyone who wishes to pick it up.  
We of the Balance, believe in equality thoughout the Crane Imperium, Within the Sounds we debate the benefits that would bring to the Crane Imperium. We already give basic schooling to all, why can't we go further an give advantage training and teaching to all that what it.
— The Editor, opening line of Editorial


  To bring around change, to give lowborn a reason to fight against the repression of the highborn towards them. To force discussion and debate on the repression and general disinterested in the clear inbalance in the status quo.  


  Anyone involved with "The Sounds of Balance" are at risk of being charged with subversion of the empire and collusion with enemies of the state, which each could mean lose of freedom and either their life for the most extreme case.

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The Sounds of Balance is while publicly accessible is clearly both illegal to produce or to distribute to the public. Anyone found with more than 1 copy can be arrested and charged with subversion or collusion.
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