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Encylopedia Gloratium

The Encyclopedia Gloratium is a vast work of knowledge published by the Academies in the midl of the Silver Dusk era. It was only published after the forefathers had conquered and controlled much of the known worlds. It contains hundreds of pages of information gathered over decades from each of the academies and the scholars based their.
The authors, and the Forefather government itself, wanted the book to allow for knowledge to disseminate across the world, and give perspective to all the people therein. It is one of the most important pieces of knowledge to come from the Forefather's rule, and has inspired many of those gifted with the Aura to pursue Professorships and further the understanding of their world. It has allowed for the expansion of various fields of study such as Bioaurory, Aura studies, Social Studies, History, Political Science, and geology. Beyond the purely scientific uses, the encyclopedia is also one of the foremost sources of basic knowledge on survival and building techniques that is widely available.
Formerly compiled at the Academy based on the Forefathers home continent, it is now gathered in the city of Midmara at a large temple dedicated to the encyclopedia. It is then disseminated throughout the realm every decade, and the new version is then printed from the various academies in the realm. A new copy is given to every new student and professor at the academy, and when a professor leaves to become a local professor in one of their continents towns or cities, they are given multiple copies to keep and disseminate on their arrival. It is one of the great public works carried out by the academies, and one of their strongest forms of soft-power in their attempt to keep order and peace in the realm.


"The mission of this book is to allow for the better understanding of our world, and promote knowledge and peace throughout the realm."
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