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Herbalist are one of the profession where they take care of plants. They are also in the intelligence gathering spectrum and in the healing spectrum. They utilize plants to create healing treatments which is one of the ways they can help in the healing field. They are also one of the viable profession, because they can create healing remedies, create products that can kill, can help with agriculture, and gather information about the world.



It is necessary to have a good understanding of anatomy and physiology, in addition to detailed knowledge of herbs and their preparation. Excellent interpersonal, listening and communication skills are essential when dealing with different patients. As herbalists are often self-employed, strong business skills and organisational ability are of benefit. Herbalists also need to possess a mature, confident, sensitive and resilient temperament because of the dangers of their profession.

Payment & Reimbursement

The person who have this as their profession has two ways to be payed. One is from the king and the other one is from the people that you helped with herbal healing.
  King's Payment:
The payment that comes from the king base of these three things, how many plants you've learned, how does it help the economy, and how many proofs you have for the speculation to be a fact. If you learned a plant and told it to the king, you reward for that is only twenty coins per plant. If you can give the king the plant and the facts on how it can help the economy then you may receive two hundred coins to five hundred coins. Then if you have all three then you can have a thousand coins to ten thousand coins.
  Healing Payment:
When you go to towns to heal somebody, your payment can depend on how severe the illness is. Your payment can go from a hundred to a thousand coins per patient.

Other Benefits

Because only few people can have Herbalist as their career, most of Herbalist are known by the majority of people which officially gives them fame for discovering new plant life. They are also funded by the king and other organizations for them to go on expeditions to research. One more benefit that Herbalist only have is that they have the ability to name the plant that they discovered, but it has to be approved by the Organization of Flora Analyst and Agriculturist.



The purpose of Herbalist is that they are the number one researchers of plant life. They also study the plants components, anatomy, its healing capabilities, its specific functions and other complex things. By learning more plants around Gixíra, the more technologies that can be made for the world to advance. Also people will have more knowledge about the life that's near them. Another thing that some people have forgotten about Herbalist is that they are also one of the healer class. While most of healers use magic to heal their team, Herbalist uses herbs, herbal products and herbal remedies for them to help in battle.

Social Status

The majority of people view Herbalist as herbal researchers, because most of the people who became Herbalist tries to research about new plant life for the understanding of the plant that they are studying. Although people sometimes forgets that herbalist are also healers, herbalist are trying to go on expeditions to help people that can't heal by healing magic or people with the Chronoberin Disease.


People from Vernal Continent that's a Herbalist is 2.03% which is more higher than the other none continents of Gixíra. Then around the whole Gixíra the estimated Herbalist is roughly 0.90% which is low number of people. The reason for this is that even people who wants to be a Herbalist that studied for the employment test still fail, because the more flora is discovered the more harder the test will be.


The first person to be a Herbalist is Dyian which caused the beginning of Herbalist. At the time, Herbalist are only known as a profession of intelligence gathering without people not learning that plants also have healing capabilities. Because people only know magic as the only source of healing back then, herbalist were not part of the healing spectrum. As time progresses, more people are having Herbalist as their career. By the time that more people are Herbalist, they discovered that some plants can help other people recover and mixing some plants together can make a more stronger form of herbal healing. Which made them part of the healer community. Due to them being in the healer community the Organization of Flora Analyst and Agriculturist helped Herbalist by funding them. Now, healers are noticing that Herbalist are working hard to still be on the healing spectrum which made them proud because even without magic they pulled through with herbs, remedies and treatments that actually work.



They just need a journal, pens, a magnifying glass for further insight on the plant, a jar for the plant to be contained, a tent if the flora you've discovered is far away, and gloves any type of protection on your hand, and a mask if the plant is poisonous. This is the basic things that Herbalist have when they are on an expedition which is a lot for other people, but the king gives the funds for their expedition so they don't need to use their own money.

Dangers & Hazards

The world is a very dangerous place, which is why Herbalist is one of the most dangerous profession around Gixíra. In this profession you can discover poisonous plants, herbs, or any flora to some plant life that is very violent. Herbalist can also make some very dangerous things by mixing plants or herbs together which is one of the things that can harm a Herbalist life.
The things that's a requirement to be a Herbalist, is that you must have learned all of the plants, herbs, or any flora on at least two villages/town/cities. Then if you studied all parts of all the plants on at least two places, you will go to the main kingdom of any continent that you live on. Then a King will request a certified Herbalist who will give you a hundred questions about the flora on the two place you've learned. The requirement and test was made by Dyian who was the first person to be a Herbalist. The reason of this is that she studied all about the parts of other plants, their properties, the things that happens when you do something to the plant, and the healing capabilities the plants have.
To be apart in this profession is a luxury.
Famous in the Field
Herbalist also have some very dangerous access to poisonous herbs, poisonous powders, and anything that can kill that's from plants. They can use it to create something with powerful healing capabilities, or use it to kill enemies. They only use it on specific times which is unlikely to happen. It is also the reason that some people can Herbalist as the Healing Assassin.

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