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Dyian Astrios

Dyian Nrovha Astrios (a.k.a. The Adventurous Herbalist)

Dyian is a beautiful woman with curiosity as her gift from life. She is the first person to be a herbalist all over Gixíra and she is known to be knowledge hungry through out her whole lifespan. She was also a leader of the well known organization through our the world which is the OFAA.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Dyian is very fit due herself having jogging as her hobby, and her body is lean and long which she got from her father's genes. She learned to use magic when she was only six years of age, but she decided to not use it because she thought it is a hassle which made other people think that she has the Chronoberin Disease. She also have no major illness starting from her birth to her death.

Mental characteristics


Because she was born when people are still learning about Gixíra, there are no one to teach her except herself. While her parents taught her some basic things like how to bathe or anything that should be known while you are a kid, but there was really no official education system for other people. So she studied and researched about anything until something peaked her interest, it is plants which is the reason she studied more and more. She researched about plants, its components and the properties of the plant. She kept doing that to the point where she has studied all of the plants on two towns with three of her journals filled with notes about the plants she discovered.


When she was eight years old, she was always helping her parents on their farm. While on her sixteenth birthday, she went to the main kingdom of the Vernal Continent, Therismòs to speak to the king about creating a new profession which is the Herbalist. As a result, she became the first Herbalist all over Gixíra.

Accomplishments & Achievements

While Dyian was ten years old, she started to study about plants which paved her path to her future career. When she reached the age sixteen, she have three journals filled everything about plants like the biology of the plant, the anatomy, compounds, and properties of the plant which is rewritten and used by apprentice Herbalist to have more knowledge. She is also the first person to have Herbalist as a profession which made herself very known all around Gixíra.

Because of Dyian being a Herbalist, she started to go on expeditions to find more plants to research. While on the way on an expedition, she thought on creating and organizations about plants. When she started the organization, there are only ten people including herself. They accomplished multiple things, they go on expeditions to discover new things, and they became popular. The organization achieved multiple things, but on Dyians twenty-sixth birthday something changed. After that, the name of the organization has become the Organization of Flora Analyst and Agriculturist.

Personality Characteristics


Dyian is the type of person that gives her all on anything even on tough times in life. She motivates herself by saying that there is more things in life to do except doing nothing. Her desire to learn about life and her hunger for new knowledge is her motivation to keep doing what she loves.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Dyian likes plants which is note surprising, but she didn't like them for having a nice smell, being cute or herself being a Herbalist, because the real reason of that is that she likes dangerous properties of some plants. She also likes anything that is sweet, which is her thing that makes her active if she did not have sleep on some of her very long research expeditions. One last thing that she likes that other people forgets is that she has an obsession with dragons that is why she owns a pet water dragon.   Dislikes: Dyian despite being intelligent and very active, she hates deadlines. Even if she motivates herself, she would still do the work two times slower than how she actually does it. The reason for this is that she feel chained if she has a deadline to follow. She would like to feel free when doing something she likes instead of being chained to doing the task like it is just needed to be done not which is not fun for her.

Virtues & Personality perks

Dyian is known for being a a woman who keeps persevering to gain new knowledge. Even through hard times, she still persevere and she learned to be patient when there is no way to keep going. It made her become a leader of an organization regardless of the situation, but something happened on her twenty-sixth birthday which made the organization dissolve into nothing than after a few years the organization became known as the Organization of Flora Analyst and Agriculture which knows Dyian as a woman who learned, explore and lead the OFAA into new heights. She is also known to be a positive person who keeps her head high up at the sky.


Hobbies & Pets

Dyian has a water dragon that she named Steśė which she got as a gift on her seventeenth birthday. Steśė is her reliable pet companion that helps her find new plants on expeditions. It is also her first and last pet on her very short twenty-six years life. One more thing is that she is very close to her pet.

One of Dyians hobby is knitting. When she is doing nothing, not going on expeditions, not researching, or anything that involves studying she knits. If she is tired, she would knit for the whole day because it makes her feel relaxed. Another hobby of hers is jogging. No matter where she is, she would still jog to keep herself fit.

Lawful Neutral
92 118
Circumstances of Death
Accused for being a witch, even though her journal is filled with facts about herbs. Her last breath is also with her pet
Biological Sex
Light Blue with a dust of ocean blue
Very Long, Straight, Black with brown streaks
Skin Tone
75.4 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
We people are like plants, we start small for only us to bloom into much more.
— Dyian Astrios

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