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Luftschiff-Zerstörer der Klasse Tiger

The Luftschiff-Zerstörer der Klasse Tiger (Tiger Class Destroyer Airship) is one of Heimatwelts most used types of Luftschiffs, with over a thousand being built since its commissioning in the early 2020s. Many Tiger class Luftschiffs have seen extensive combat, and have histories that span generations.   While not the most spacious airship, the Tiger is well liked by its crew, and the Admirale der Lüfte that have them in their battlegroups.   As such of a airship that has been in service for over 300 years, there are variants, though mostly it is small changes done to the ship to make it do a certain job better, like adding more AA cannons, or improving long range scanning.  


The Original version of the Tiger, its been retrofitted to use more modern tech, including radar, and the like.  


A heavier version of the Tiger, the frontal 2 12.7cm guns and 2 torpedo tubes were replaced with a dual barreled 28cm gun for dealing with heavier targets. Not many Tiger-Bs were built, though some were sent out in combat, and preformed well. It was a bit slower than the Typ-A, but only by three knots  


The Tiger-C is primarily an AA Luftschiff, with only one 12.7cm. The rest of the ship bristles with AA guns. Their Radar/Sonar is improved to see planes easier.  


Very similar to a Tiger-A, the Tiger-D is namely designed as a communications point, flying with larger battlegroups to improve their comms range. There are massive amounts of antennae over the ship, and a larger radar dish on the top. One of the 12.7cms have been removed to allow a larger communications center.  


A design used by the Maiti Shoganate, the Taipu-5 Tiger lost its 12.7cm guns, and had them replaced with 10cm guns. While not specificly a Heimatwelt ship, some are built on Heimatwelt soil.

Power Generation

Four Oil-fired boilers


Two geared Steam turbine engines   Four MK33 VTOL-S Engines

Weapons & Armament


5 (five) 12.7cm Naval guns   4 (Four) 40mm dual AA guns   6 (Six) 20mm quad AA guns   8 (Eight) 20' torpedo tubes  


3 (Three) 12.7cm Naval guns   1 (One) 28cm Naval gun   4 (Four) 40mm dual AA guns   6 (Six) 20mm quad AA guns   6 (Six) 20' torpedo tubes  


1 (One) 12.7cm Naval gun   14 (fourteen) 40mm dual AA guns   22 (Twenty two) 20mm quad AA guns   8 (Eight) 20' torpedo tubes  


4 (Four) 12.7cm Naval guns   4 (Four) 40mm dual AA guns   6 (Six) 20mm quad AA guns   8 (Eight) 20' torpedo tubes  


5 (Five) 10cm Naval guns   4 (Four) 40mm dual AA guns   6 (Six) 20mm quad AA guns   8 (Eight) 20' torpedo tubes

Communication Tools & Systems


The Typ-D has had one of its 12.7cm guns removed to add a large communication room right behind the tower, increasing a fleets communication range by at a minimum 1.5k miles.



MK46 GFCS   Air and Surface radar  


MK46 GFCS   Improved ASr

Hangars & docked vessels

2 (two) 80 man life boats
Creation Date
Commissioned 3/21/2020
Owning Organization
1,600,000 Währung
39.5 feet (12 meters)
376.8 feet (114.8 meters)
2050 tons
36.5 knots (67.6 km/h; 42.0 mph) (Type-B: 33.5 knots, 62kph 38.5mph.)
Complement / Crew
330 personnel


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