The Wreck of the Red Gauntlet

After a long war between Keoland and the Sea Princes ended in a stalemate, the King @ok Treasuredelver, nervous that the Sea Princes would turn a conquering eye towards their lands, began negoiations with Queen Oggara Ver'nok . Port Silverdeep. The Red Gauntlet was one of a series of ships tasked with bringing over great Dwarven goods, including an ornate statue of Maono'o blessing the lands with fertility. This statue, crafted out of fallen meteorite, was three feet wide, took two years and a team of six artist to craft. The artwork was placed on display for three months in Harkenfell before being placed on the Red Gauntlet.   The ship's captain was a retired admiral from the Dwaven army who had received many accolades over his 300 years of service. This was supposed to be his last trip before his retirement. Also on ship were several Dwarven warriors and human envoys tasked with guarding the accompanying the statue to Port Silverdeep, where the King would ceremonially accept the gift and sign the anticipated treaty.   Legend holds that Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, jealous of Maono'o's adoration and close connection to the sky, caused a great storm to engulf the Red Gauntlet, tossing the ship between her mighty waves, and sending her cargo down to the great depths where her daughter Panaka still guards the Ma'apua Straight. The ship's captain valiantly tried to protect the crew and the precious cargo, but all of his centuries of experience were no match for the Kuapua'a's envy.   When the Dwarven King heard that the Red Gauntlet had not arrived on schedule, several ships were sent out to scour the route for any news of the ship. The shattered, sodden remains of the great Gauntlet were found tossed ashore, covered in crabs. The religious sects of the Dwarven Kingdom, already distrustful of an alliance with short-lived and fickle humans, saw the wreckage of a sign of impending disaster and doom should the treaty be signed. Trapped by public perception, the Dwarven King officially withdrew the alliance offer, though unofficially he still provided a great deal of monetary and military support to Keoland in the hopes that when public opinion softened, a new treaty could be negotiated.


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