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Saltmarsh Town


Saltmarsh has seven docks, all in various stages of disrepair. All the docks are wooden. Ships line up against both sides of the docks, especially after the tide starts coming in.


The city of Saltmarsh is currently a small fishing settlement with a predominately human population. It has not always been this way. During the second age, the city was a thriving Dwarven town, Bamturuhm. Bamturuhm, like most dwarven communities at the time, was known for its dedicated warriors and strong defenses. Most details about the city were lost after the Destruction of the Second Age. The only buildings that survived were the Temple, now used as the Council Hall, the city gates, and the local jail.
Following the destruction, the Dwarven population resettled to other areas. About 300 years later, Gideon Lorn and his caravan team took refuge in the old temple during a particularly bad summer storm. The storm wreckage blocked travel to other nearby cities for several days. members of the caravan team fell in love with the idyllic coastal landscape, Lorn found it to be the perfect blend of independence from government oversight and proximity for commerce. Over several generations the city expanded from a small merchant shop to a self-supporting fishing town.   In the past few years King Scotti has turned his attention to the small fishing town. He sees the Saltmarsh Mines and surrounding area as prime opportunities for economic expansion. Taxes that were once ignored are now closely counted. Guard presence has increased. Traditionalists view this increased government involvement and the concurrent influx of Saltmarsh Dwarves with trepidation. The Dwarven population views the appropriation and reuse of their ancient temple with disdain. Loyalists see the tension around them as evidence of the backward views of the community and believe that the views will change once development truly begins.
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