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Grafùl Dotharic

The Grafùl Dotharic (literally "Dotharan building of law") is a courthouse in Til Formen'ya. The building is home to the city's judiciary - the Formenyan Council of Forty, and the Lèuyùl Dotharic (High Court of the Alliance), the recently formed court of final appeal for citizens of the Dotharan Alliance and highest constitutional authority for alliance members. It is part of a larger political project by Hosni Hëtrindèu to strengthen Alliance authority and bring the members under unified authority.

Purpose / Function

The Grafùl was built to house the civil service bureau for the Feloran province of Formen under the order of Empress Kaelbryn in 1448 LIE. It held Imperial records, including census information and taxation ledgers, and was the operational center for the civil servants to conduct their affairs. Today, the building is a courthouse for both the local Formen'yan Lèu Föjush and the Alliance Lèuyùl Dotharic.


One of the oldest buildings in Til Formen'ya, the courthouse is constructed in the typical Feloran style, although it has had a few modifications during the time of the Dotharan Alliance, giving it a few features of Hadar architecture. It is made of stone from the Dotharan Mountains, and recent renovations have introduced iron to the building's materials.


During the collapse of the empire, the building's records were destroyed by the rampaging that swept the Dotharan Coast in aftermath of the Tealastrian flight. In 16 PE, the Je'thor Council for Til Formen'ya met in the ruins of the building, then referred to as the Formen Bureau, and voted to repair the damage done. From 16 - 200 PE, the building was the meeting place for the Je'thor Formen'ya, when in 201 PE the council began to meet in a newly-constructed building near the Til Formen'yan dockside marketplace, and the building became a courthouse for the first time as the newly created Lèu Föjush. The building was expanded from 418-420 PE in order to accomodate the Lèuyùl Dotharic.
Founding Date
Around 1450 LIE
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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