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Anna Deletrios (/ ana deletrios /)

Ανα Ντελετριος

Anna Deletrios, fifth of her name is the current reigning Exarch of the Exarchate of Spathos, rising to prominence as a precocious and ambitious princess of the Exarchate in the early 470s ER. When her parents were assassinated in ER 482, the young Anna Deletrios retrurned from her studies in Nikea to assume the throne. Having come to despise the libertine culture of the Ilosi peoples, she elected to take the reactionary path, quickly abandoning the supposed weakness of her forebears and back onto the path of the warrior.   Anna Deletrios' warmongering and saber rattling has been the cause of not insigificant conflicts, with the Spathoi state frequently butting heads with the Nikeans, with the Nikeans having thus far remained on top thanks in large part due to greater numers of readily available professionals in their army. However, Deletrios has led a number of successful campaigns against the Falemesians even taking a fairly sizable chunk of territory on Falemesia's western frontier. For Deletrios however, the greatest prize, the city of Iconia, remains uncaptured, and the Exarchissa has slowly, quietly been expanding the Spathoi Penandroi, both to retake the city, and perhaps to deal a blow against her rivals in the college of Tourmarches.   Anna Deletrios has a reputation for being a dynamic and energetic woman with the stamina of a woman half her age, and ambition to match. This has led to a not insigicant amount of whipsering that she may in fact be counted among the planetouched. Anna also has a reputation for being somewhat hot tempered and power hungry, frequently arguing with and occassionally, calling out other members of the Spathoi aristocracy, in an effort to eliminate influential nobles, and to further cement her power, an action that has not been favored by her rivals.   Anna Deletrios has a no nonsense approach to her personal habits and grooming, preferring a simple military uniform to the regalia of her station, and, usually, cutting her hair short to match the uniform. She will never be seen in public without a sword on her hip. She does however, have a strong sense of humor uncharacteristic of a soldier, that often takes aback those who are aqcauainted but not overly familiar with her.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Exarchissa of Spathos, sovereign ruler of the Exacrhactem Queen of the Spartharoi and of the Spartharii, rightful Empress of Aeilla
Date of Birth
1 Kataigída
Year of Birth
2205 43 Years old
The Palace of Spathos
Current Residence
The Palace of Spathos
DArk Brown, Narrow
Black, Swept Back
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Very Light Olive
1.8 m
56 kg
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

Character Portrait image: Portrait of Anna Deletrios by Javak