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The Kling

The Kling is a massive society of thieves, pickpockets, robbers, and assassins that have slowly built up around Getherican. Almost every major city has a place were Kling members are welcome, usually kept running by other Kling members. These places are called Constables and they are a safe haven for members of the Kling. All Kling members have the symbol of a dagger burned into them somewhere on their body. This is considered a right of passage and needs to be shown whenever someone enters a constable or they will be attacked and killed by its residents during the night. Members of the Kling aren't bound by any kind of contract, but they must uphold the honor of a thief and abide by the rules of each constable set in place by the owner. Every constable owner reports to an unknown leader of the entire Kling known as Neth. This leader has presumably changed over the years, but no one has eve identified them.


Each constable has its own rules, but they all report to Neth.


The Kling has always seemed to be present and no one knows who founded it.

Never look back

Guild, Thieves

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