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Black powder

Black powder is a rare combination of elements that are highly reactive to heat. The first discovery of black powder was in 8610 AS when a scientist by the name of Lothis was fooling around in his lab. Black powder is a compound of sulfur, potassium nitrate, and charcoal, all of which contribute to its highly explosive smokeless characteristics. Black powder was first used by Lothis for causing brief amounts of intense heat and shooting an object across a room. Lothis kept the black powder a secret from The Blue Banner Mages whom he served and slowly designed the worlds first pistol. Using this new weapon Lothis stormed the Blue Banner Mages tower and killed quite a few high profile wizards before being detained. The secret of black powder was then extracted from Lothis using magic and the Mages created a gun of their own. The Mages realized what a tool of destruction the black powder was to society and burned the formulas. But some of the Mages secretly took notes on the black powder and started making their own. Eventually exmages started selling homemade guns through The Kling to make money and black powder was distributed into the public. It wasn’t long till some alchemist figured out the recipe for the powder and started making their own. Although guns and black powder are available through The Kling, all governments keep a close eye on black powder activities, so guns and powder are fairly hard to come by.


Is a spark comes into contact with the powder, the powder will cause an explosion and a brief increase of heat.
Access & Availability
Very hard to find
The use and making are not complicated
A scientist named Lothis was messing around in his lab and stumbled upon a highly explosive material.

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