Eternal Guardian

Imperial Demigoddess, The Keeper, The Denyer of Knowledge.

Eternal Guardian is a name of a not-so-well known demigod, whose divine domain is knowledge both terrible and blasphemous. Even less people know that she is permanently manifested in Reality, guarding the Vault beneath the Imperial Library, and serving the Imperium by denying insane and ambitious magicians access to the biggest trove of forbidden knowledge in Reality.   Even less people - in fact, nobody besides Guardian herself - knows that she was once Kashya the Dragonslayer, a Dark One that brought an end of the First Empire and almost ended the world as a whole.   She was imprisoned beneath the ground by the Ancient Dragons that survived her rampage. They connected her to the Dark in a one-way fashion, through the course of several millenias ultimately brainwashing her from being pure evil into a being morally neutral.

Divine Domains

Blasphemous and forbidden knowledge.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A burning book.

Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

Despite once being a Dark One, now very little is left from her former self. She is 'merely' an unnaturally strong demigoddess, that if she ever decided, could probably lay waste to Falon-nir. She, however, was brainwashed by the Ancient Dragons, changed into being of more or less neutral morality.   She dedicated herself to safeguarding the Vault and preventing the wrong knowledge to fall into wrong hands. That's the only thing she is really interested in. This made her one of the chief divine patrons of the Imperial Library.

Divine Classification
Biological Sex
Manifested as female.
Red with black sclera.
Shoulder long, black.


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