Devians are one of the species of half-daemons, probably the one most well known in the Imperium of Karadia. They are born when a human male has a child with a nymph, regardless of her exact specie. They happen quite often, as nymphs are quite widespread daemons that are also quite closely connected to local settlements. They often crave mortal companionship - some news or interesting stories, good wine and some food, simple small talk and so on. Quite often this escalates into quite... intimate contact.   Nymphs can, in fact, have children with mortals. That quite often forgot about that. Nine months after a little 'fun' they can receive a surprising gift - a newborn devian. Sometimes this leads to problems. Such child might grow in an atmosphere of coldness if not hatred, as a living symbol of one's infidelity. Sometimes they have more luck, as many mothers can react rather... badly to mistreatment of their child, and as a daemon they have many ways of expressing their lack of acceptance for it.   In fact, most are somewhere in the middle, however there is a still existing negative stereotype of a 'devious' and 'evil' devians, mostly due to those devians that after growing in a rather not nice environment went... bad. Which is a pretty self perpetuating myth, as it makes many people distrust devians, further pushing them towards the bad line in life. Devians... generally aren't the most lucky specie there is. And that's without even starting on the fact that they make prime targets for slaver raids due to high value of sex slaves.

Basic Information


Typical humanoids, in most cases divided between very feminine females and noticably feminine males. Male devians with proper clothing and a tad bit of make up can easily pass as females... and quite pretty ones. On the other hand, none of them can be said to be really strong, their almost feminine (and rather small) bodies simply can't house enough power.   On the other hand they tend to have natural talent for magic, meaning that many of them does not need daemons to cast spells. They have a power of their own - which can be made even greater by having a contracter daemon. Thus, many of those that do not learn of the how the life works bad way, ends up becoming magicians or sorcerers.

Biological Traits

Devians are characterized by overrepresentation of feminine traits. Their females are - almost - always beautiful, with practically hourglass figure and at least average breasts (small ones practically do not exist in their case) up to... quite big. On the other hand their males are almost always rather frail and delicate, sometimes even having breasts (small though).

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Varied. Can happen pretty much everywhere that nymphs and human coexist, which means... well, almost everywhere. On the other hand, their low general density means that they mostly interbreed with normal humans and so, their unique genes soon dissipates in general population, making their descendants be just a slightly more pretty humans.

Created by: Daemons
IC: Occurence: Uncommon
IC: Danger: Not Threatened


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