A terrifying and feared disease that very, very rarely swepts entire cities before burning out - due to being simply too deadly and killing infected faster than they can spread it. It is also believed to be created artificially by an unknown researcher that, for obvious reasons, decided to not announce himself as its maker... or simply was amongst its first victims.   It is also a disease that is very close to 100% mortality rate, with no working method of containment (aside from letting all the infected die) and no cure. Which can also strike simply from nowhere. Making it truly an apex of diseases in the world.

Transmission & Vectors

Bloodier spreads through the latent psionic links that connect people that are close to each other. It can be described as mere 'possibility' of using psionic abilities to telepathically speak to each other. It requires certain level of strength of the link (otherwise it would be immediately infect every living person planetwide), which establishes the transmission range to circa 134 meters. In other words, every person that is within 134 meters from an infected automatically catches the infection.


The bloodier spreads in a rather unorthodox fashion. It can be described as a magical signal that forces mutation of wide array of bacterias naturally existing in mortal's bodies into a form that causes very similar symptoms to blood fever that exists mostly in the Golden Kingdoms, sometimes also in lands of Lana and, rarely, in certain lands of Imperium that have required hot and wet climate.


Fever, severe headache, muscle pain, weakness, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal (stomach) pain and unexplained hemorrhage (bleeding or bruising). The disease, however, proceeds much faster than normal, reaching the unavoidable end within up to three days. The disease is also extremely virulent, leading not only to swift death but also swift decomposing, practically changing its victims into puddles of blood within a weak after death.


100% mortality in normal mortal species. It is believed that once the 'signal' that triggers the disease is received, it 'remains' at the infected (without that, it would be impossible to spread it further). Meaning that it perpetually mutates harmless microbes into those of bloodier. Even complete purge of all microbes of the organism would only 'reset' the disease, that would immediately resume once even a single new one enters the body.   Circa 75% mortality rate among Chosen Ones and half-daemon mortals. It is believed that their internal 'magick' makes them somehow supress the signal after a short while, meaning that only a single 'batch' of microbes is mutated. Even then, they are extremely virulent. There is however a chance to recover, even giving at least limited resistance to another infection - while he would still catch it, the mortality is lowered to merely to few percents, due to organism better prepared to repel another invasion.   Daemons are completely immune, just as animals and beasts are.


It is believed that the diseases is very rarely 'gifted' to the world by Plague, at least ever since the first epidemy occured. She sometimes (for no reason discernible by mortals) 'blesses' certain Blight Seedbed with this particular microbe, then having it manifest somewhere near target population center.   What happens then is a massacre. The entire town - regardles of size - is wiped out within several days at best. Which is an unavoidable outcome. Bloodier is simply too deadly to be in any way stopped. It is unknown what exactly causes Plague to unleash this feared plague on the world. According to some it is a divine judgment for some unspecified sins. To others it is due to her natural malevolence. There are also those that suggest, that it is a painful but quick death that prevents an significant disasters caused by Pentagram by wiping out entire population in the area.


It is believed that original bloodier was created as automatically spreading vaccine against a blood fever, an already fearsome disease, made by some unspecified but very competent group of genmaturgists. Why generally working in a noble cause they violated laws of Imperium of Karadia by doing this without knowledge of Imperial Magic Guild, which would already qualify them for execution.   Something went disastrously wrong. Most likely the 'signal' malfunctioned and rather than causing a short term infection of sufficiently weakened microbes (that are believed to be a bigger but similar enough version of original fever viruses) it started creating them perpetually. Thus in all cases leading to immune system being simply overwhelmed.   It is unknown what led to this disastrous change happening.

Extremely Rare


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