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Also called the book of love and hate or the matchmakers tome. The Qwellim informs on the loves of gods, who people should marry, what kind of love and hate gods there are and what one should do to attract the desired person.


Serves as a record of the gods and religious tomb as well as a highly studied tomb by those who follow Dam and the Damna profession. The Qwellim is also known for its more artistic nature with more poetry and art than in other books of its ilk. The Qwellim in known as the most beautiful relies text in the world. Also contained in the book are sections of directing bodies both for pleasure and medical purposes as well as for pain. The Qwellim details the worse torture performed on both humans gods and other creatures.

Document Structure


The book is divided into the 8 types of love and 9 types of hate. The book was created before the houses of love and so they don't line up.  Parental Love, love of parent to child or child to parent Partner Love, love of a companion or partner including in arms, in marriage, and other groups Lustful Love, love directed by the body not the mind Innocent Love, love given without knowledge or understanding without roots in reality Obsessive Love, love that overshadows everything including morality, self, and others Unconditional Love, love that has no requirements of the receiver or the giver Pure/True Love, the love most commonly associated with seekers and spoken of in stories Familiar Love, the love given to people and objects we are used to, love by assioation   Hate of the Heart, born of love rejected or unreturned Hate of Action, this including hating someones actions and taking action as well, vengeance  Small Hate, most commonly hate born of irritation and general dislike that is worsened  Hate of Purity, loathing, abhor, despise, seen as the opposite of true love Hate of the Innocents, a child's hate, directed by others and without malice but cruelty commonly accepted Hate of the Unknown, hate inspired by fear of something outside common knowledge or acceptance Hate of Divinity, both human hate for religion and the hate of gods that rains down on the world Hate of Others, mod directed dislike spread by groups with the intent of ostracizing others so as not to be ostracized  Hate of the Beautiful, the jealousy caused by envy that makes one dislike someone with advantages they don't have   Each section contains stories with examples of their kind of hate or love as well as art, poetry, and ways to identify or cause the emotion in others as well as how to get rid of it. Each section also has extended versions, often a section important to a profession or religious sect will be copied and expanded alone each chapter has a second name for when its apart from its original book.


Warning Mentions of Sexual Abuse in this section. Qwellims con often be used as coded messages since they are commonly changed and carried in smaller versions. A complete Qwellim must be burned when disposed of, a smaller peace of the Qwillem though is usually buried. The reason being the story of Mal, who was bathing in fire when raped by Dam conceiving her children. A full book is burned so the memory doesn't remain but a piece that is different from the whole is buried because Mal buried her daughter when she saw they weren't alike. A epic is buried in hopes it will rise to be useful again.   All Qwellim must be made of animal skin, human skin has been used before but it's not common.


All books part of the Relaric dedicate their first page to recounting all books within. The books are listed in order then are often referenced within the book as well such as the stories.

Publication Status

Qwellim are highly respected books though when the Folkain religion was in the minority often Qwellims were used to show deviance and those who had them where burned with their books.

Legal status

Qwellims are required in all Damna establishments, a Dmna must swear on a Qwellim  as well as write her name in the one for the establishment. Without writing ones name in the book she doesn't gain the title. Older Qwellim's equal higher status or Qwellims belonging to well accomplished artists and Damna.
Vellum / Skin

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