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Love and kindness can be found at a price. In a world of magic, secrets, and lust who plays the game of thrones who sits above all the snakes and how long can they stay there. Love and kindness are hard to keep. From the secretive religious sects that keep more than just knowledge to the distant fae who play tricks on the unsuspecting but are far more than they seem. There are none in this world giving free kindness. From the polyamorous life style to the children of Orphanie who dream of a family, love is always in question. Among the millions and billions of little flickering light though there is a beacon, these beacons will not save you though, Amoonet, Maria, Xexilia. Beware the women who shine for they burn the hottest and fire loves to be unpredictable. From the religious wars to revolutions to contouring forces the continent of Mandor has seen nothing yet like this. Enter the movers and shakers, Amoonet is the daughter of a Priestess expect her mother is making up the religion on the fly and Amount seems to be the only one who notices, that everyone is fighting not because they believe in their god but because someone said they where god. Maria doesn't want to change the world she would be happy to just watch it fall apart if only the religious sect that were her father's pride and joy would let her back in she would. However out in the cold hard world the only thing she can do is live in it and before that it'll need to get its act together. Xexilia isn't some nobody, she is a princess, but who cares there are so many. What makes her different is worse, she does like girls, not the way she's supposed to. In the court she lives she is rejected and when she rejects it in turn well there are a lot stupider things to go to war for but not a lot of wars go down like this.