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Gamma World

24 Jan, 99 AF

Created by

The Old World is gone.   It fell to flames and destruction on a massive scale never before seen—and never seen since. Most of the world's population died. The landscape was torn apart; the very air burned. It was the time of the Final Wars, and it was almost literally the end of the world.   But not quite.   A few survived to inherit a world substantially changed. New species emerged, genetic mutations of older lifeforms. Some of them had been created before and during the Final Wars. Others came into being from the devastation wrought by the Final Wars.   It's uncertain just how long it's been since the Final Wars. Record keeping was not a priority of the immediate survivors of the wars, and records from the Old World were mostly destroyed. However, many of the oldest people alive today say that, when they were children, the oldest people alive then claimed to be the youngest survivors of the Final Wars. But the truth of this cannot be verified.   Today, the remnants of humanity coexist with these new beings, all trying to survive in a world that seems designed to kill them all.