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First Lieutenant ZoeTheWriter of the Brocktrees

Being a Brocktree guard to Darth Nikolas Nikolas, the The Great Badger King is an honor and a privilege Zoe takes very seriously. Along with serving as a member of the guard, Zoe enjoys cheering on her fellow badgers.
Brocktree Zoe? Oh, she's quiet, but don't underestimate her. She's a hell of a literomancer and the most determined defender of House Meles you'll ever meet. You might think she's not a threat, but you haven't seen her *mad* yet. (chuckle) When the Forgelings were threatened, she proved she was a Badger, all right...


Education & Employment

Zoe spends most of her time in her human form serving her city as a police dispatcher and certified training officer, working 12 to 16-hour overnight shifts on little sleep and lots of caffeine. She takes her job very seriously and is proud to make a difference in the lives of her fellow citizens by being there for them on what is sometimes the worst day of their lives and ensuring they get the assistance they need as quickly as possible.   Her normal work schedule is 14 to 16 days of 12-hour shifts a month (using the Panama Schedule), but due to critically short staffing levels, she currently works 20-26 shifts a month, and sometimes works 14 or 16 hours a shift versus her normally scheduled 12 hours. Overworked and underpaid has never been a more accurate subtitle for her position. Don’t worry though, because Zoe prioritizes self-care, especially during weeks with a hectic work schedule.   Zoe has two Masters degrees: 1 in Business Administration, and 1 in Management and Leadership. She also holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and an associate's degree in pre-nursing.  

Body Features

Zoe is a 5’2 fluffy-sized female with long, thick dark brown hair and brown eyes in her human form. She is able to transform into any known animal at will, but since becoming a badger, she seems to have forgotten that it is possible for her to take on other animal forms. She has a beauty mark on her right cheek (which many made fun of in her younger years), a tattoo on her left shoulder, and a tattoo of a quote that covers the top of both feet.  
Zoe is right-handed, and can occasionally be seen wearing a wrist brace on one or both hands when her carpal tunnel rears its irritating and sometimes painful head. She has two small scars on her left ring finger where screws were put in when she broke her finger, and a large crescent moon-shaped scar on her left wrist, where she had a cyst removed in middle school.  

Family Life

Zoe’s home and family life did not start out in the best of circumstances and was often an unstable and tumultuous environment, but after marrying the love of her life (at age 19), life got a zillion times better. While their relationship and life have not always been perfect (I mean, whose is?), they have always been able to lean on one another and work together through any challenge that came their way. Zoe is who she is today because of her husband’s never-ending love and support. Without him, there is no telling where she would have ended up.   Together, she and her husband have 3 wonderfully sarcastic teenagers ages 14, 15, and 17. Like her husband, her 14-year-old son, is a huge car enthusiast. Her 15-year-old daughter is strong-minded and never afraid to speak out against the wrongs or injustices she sees. Her 17-year-old loves all things video games, and will join the US Navy in May under an 8 year contract to work in Submarine I.T.   In her limited free time, she likes to light a candle and write fantasy stories about ordinary people being bestowed with magical powers and embarking on grand adventures. She loves all things magic and has since she was a small child. She often dreamed of waking up with magical powers, and while that hasn’t quite happened yet, she gets to wake up and write about them, and that’s good enough for her.  

Apparel & Accessories

When at work telling cops where to go, she can be found in a gray polo bearing her city seal, black pants, black socks and black shoes. When not in her dispatch uniform, Zoe prefers to dress as comfortably as possible (i.e. leggings and an oversized t-shirt or hoodie). If going out in public, she prefers cute shirts, comfy jeans and can ALWAYS be found in her brown and teal cowgirl boots.
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House Meles by Dani Adventures

by Nathalia Books

Brown (in human form)
Health Notes
Zoe has ADHD, and carpal tunnel, but is otherwise healthy and happy.
Writing, reading, watching whatever TV show has piqued her interest at the moment, spending time with family, and playing video games.
Rude internet trolls, scammers, being told nevermind right after someone calls her name or commands her attention, and any number of things she might remember later, lol.
Weapon of Choice
Battleworn Atgeir

House History

House Meles
December 2021 to Present
House Chiroptera
November 2021
During the Second Word War, she found herself caught in the midst of battle with no idea how she had gotten there. Darth Nickolas, the Great Badger King, gave her a quick run-down of what was happening. Due to her nocturnal nature, she was given refuge in the caverns of House Chiroptera until the undead horde was defeated, and she was able to safely make her way to Windy Willows, whose king and members had shown her such kindness throughout the war. Zoe volunteered to serve as a member of the Brocktree Guard to protect the leader of the house that had done so much for her, even while she was housed in the bat caverns.

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