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The Law of Least Resistance

The Law of Least Resistance is a metaphysical law that derives from a general principle of folk physics; namely, that energy will take the path of least resistance. Some examples of this idea include "what goes up, must come down" (gravity,) "heat goes from hot to cold" (Second Law of Thermodynamics,) and a part of Ohm's Law discussing the flow of electricty through conductive materials.   Magic, and thus, Literomantic Power, is just another form of energy, and it will take the path of least resistance to accomplish a stated magical goal.  
Literomantic power will try to do your will, but it is lazy. It will find the easiest and simplest way to accomplish the stated goal.   So let's say, for example, you do a spell in which you ask for more money. If you make it that vague, the spell is most likely to manifest as you stepping on a $20 bill lying on the street, or maybe getting a slight raise at work. It did what you wanted, right? You got more money. But if what you needed was enough money to pay your rent because you were going to be short this month, that's not going to help you, is it?   Be more precise. If what you need is your rent paid, do your spell for that. It might end up taking the form of the landlord deciding to give you a break because they know you're having a hard time, for example. No money might need to change hands at all. But the goal — that of covering your rent — has been met.   When composing a spell, ask for what it is that you actually want, and ask for it clearly and concisely, so there can be no mistake.
Queen Sable instructing a class for new Literomancers at the World Literomantic Academy
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Literomancy, like any form of energy, takes the path of least resistance.

Case Study:

During Queen Sable's illness following The Great Migration, Panda Polemarch Senna Nightshade, Archon Mykola Lapin-Void, and Lord Galakrond did a spell with the intention of returning Prinx Tempest to them, who had been lost to The Void. But they did not state this intention clearly. Instead, they used more vague statements, such as "unweave the ill omens," "save our family," and "return what is lost." Repressed memories from Queen Sable's childhood were restored instead, thus meeting all the conditions specified by the three in their spell, but without returning the Prinx.   However, when asked about it later, the Panda Polemarch stated that in her case, she wasn't entirely sure that a spell to return the Prinx would work, either because of the multiplicity of realities that is inherent to the Void, or because they were deceased. So in her case, the intention was to reach for anything that would help. In that case, the Polemarch's intention would have been manifested perfectly, meeting all her requirements and accomplishing exactly what she wanted to accomplish; and the same may have held true for all three literomancers.

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