The Captain

The Captain, Captain Ocelot, The SeaCat, The Ragged Coat (They/them)

The Captain is the leader of Minor House Ocelot. Known prominently as 'The Captain', 'Captain Ocelot' or 'The SeaCat', one might be curious to speculate on their real name. However, there are many more secrets The Captain holds that are far more carefully hidden, with powerful consequences.   After their alliance with House Tiki falls, The Captain decides to agree to meet House Felis. After a successful meeting, and acknowledging the modern House Felis values, The Captain is pleased to form a new alliance with House Felis.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

While many of the crew were also there to experience it, House Ocelot hasn’t officially revealed their personal history, under the order of a very cautious captain.  
"I can't wait to look into the workshop. It would surely be helpful, and I can see some inventions could help this settlement greatly. But..." The Captain hesitated. "Sometimes, our inventions aren't favoured upon. Perhaps some of them are a little too noisy, but, well. We've had to be cautious in the past. Some think inventions are too imposing."
  The Captain’s motivations are to protect the crew and Port Tempest. Could the inventions of House Ocelot bring some contention or upset the modern houses?  
"Arr! We... have a... collection of assorted treasure! Let me see here... Let's see, let's see... Aye..."
"I have err... This! Thingy majiggy! Which is... erm... A... er..."
"A location thingy! With lots of... Colours and arrows and arr!"
"And I... I have this! Spinny, spinny thingy!"
"You simply sit this on a desk and um, look! It's spinny!"
— The Captain being interviewed by Princess Melody.
  Is the Captain being incompedient on purpose? Do they really not know much about the tech on board The Ocelot? Who knows?   What is clearly certain however, is that there is a possibly strong connection to House Felis’ past.  
Towards the back of the atrium. Standing in front of a dark marble pillar is a grandfather clock. The Princess takes the Captain’s arm and pulls them towards the clock.
“I know it looks a bit old and it may be broken but I feel like this belongs here you know!”
The Grandfather clock was clearly once an artefact of great precision and beauty but is now worn and aged. The wood cracked and split on one side, the clockface dim and discoloured, its hands no longer moving.
“But if you look on the inside here.” Melody carefully opens up the door and points at a golden plaque on the inside.
The plaque reads:
“To Princess Melody. I hope you will use this to not get too lost in your research. Yours, the Seacat”
“Perhaps this was a gift from one of your ancestors!” Melody muses looking at the clock in wonder.
The Captain gasped. The grandfather clock adored the castle walls well. And that signature...
"That's a beautiful gift." The Captain slowly. "I hope it still gives you joy. Captains aboard The Ocelot have proudly held the title of Seacat. How intriguing, to find such an old relic. I hope it stands to bring our two houses closer."
The Captain thought about offering to try and fix the clock, but no. Such an antique... Perhaps it is more valuable as it stood. The Captain blinked at the time it held.
"You've been very thorough in your research, Princess Melody. You should be proud of your hard work. What do you think of the past, do you think House Ocelot and House Felis were good friends? Is there anything more you remember?"
“I don’t remember anything as it currently stands…but there’s tapestries, portraits of Felis and Ocelot together. And well, in my diary - in the pages we’ve been able to read or restore. It seems like the Ocelots were here all the time. Most of our port was destroyed when we arrived but I think we were great friends. And I would really like to be great friends once again.”
— During a tour at House Felis


The Captain is… The Captain! They give the orders on board The Ocelot and may also give orders to additional House Ocelot folk. They are well respected due to their past legacy.   How did they earn the respect? How did they become captain?   Hmm…   Yes.

Morality & Philosophy

The Captain’s morality & philosophy may be seen by some as a weakness. They value honesty and impartiality to the crew above all else. You wish to give a message to The Captain? Expect the crew to know about it, too!  
The Captain slowly walked in their... Human? form, and took the letter. "A message from House Lapin?" They said gently. They stepped away, and let out a little laugh. "Hear ye, hear ye, we have a message! House Lapin wishes to talk!" The Captain said, waving the letter in the air. The Captain took a small moment to let AttorraRu view their eyes beneath the hat. "I keep no secrets from me crew." The Captain declared, and read the letter out loud. Crew scribes wrote or signed the words for all maties to know.
"Ay, Wyvern, come down here. We have call from House Lapin!"
The Captain chuckled. "Finally we have emerged from the seas, and finally it looks like... Recognition. I doubt They would have ever thought we'd get even that. Our efforts have surely been recognised, crew! This is cause for celebration! ANOTHER round of coconut based buffet on me! Arr!"
Many of the crew yelled cheers and rushed below the decks to enjoy legally acquired coconuts.
The Captain nodded at their visitor. "Hoy, we will surely visit the Warren in due course. It should now be quieter for ye if yer wish to skysail home. Ye are more than welcome to stay if yer wish. I would love to know your thoughts on this. How many have had the pleasure to receive such personalised letters? Will it be a crowd at the Warren?"
— The Captain receives a letter from the Warren
  The Captain also highly values creativity and thinking ‘outside the box’ when it comes to serving the crew and enduring new scenarios and situations. The Captain is fond of chess and strategy despite their eccentric shenanigans, and above all, will work towards the safety of their people.
Usually long and dark brown, sometimes white or red. They go through various wigs- *cough* I mean styles.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
The Captain often covers their skin with bandages.
shorter than average, but no one dares admit it
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Ahoy." The Captain greeted, as the wing'd folk lowered themselves to the deck. "I be The Captain. Where lies your loyalities and what's yer message?"
— A roleplay with AttorraRu
— The Captain’s preferred response.
Do it.
— The Captain’s preferred attitude to life.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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