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Article written by Sable Aradia with assistance from Dazzlinkat and RPGDinosaurBob. In the Game of Tomes, an important personage, such as a House Leader or a charity-supporting mercenary, is allowed to have up to four "bodyguards". If their charge is selected by the Wheel of Misfortune to join the Undead Horde, one of those bodyguards, chosen randomly, can take their place instead. This is strictly voluntary, both on the part of the Tome Knight being protected, and the Tome Knights who offer to volunteer as tribute in their place.
After the first of the recent Tome Wars, I had discovered my Sauropoda heritage and gave up my mercenary ways to return to a home I had never known. I have since become a bodyguard and Captain of, well, myself, until recently... now SAPH-A and Emily Armstrong have joined and the squad grows! Together, we shall re-learn the history on the walls. What did the bodyguards of old stand against??   hmmm   OOOPS... forgot the part where the Raptor Squad had been retired long before King Bob began his reign. After the first of the recent Tome Wars, he has since brought back the Raptor Squad.   We train in a place called the Lagoon, where, beneath the waterfall is a hidden cave. It is here that the history of the Raptor Squads of old has been recorded... in cave paintings and hieroglyphs. Deciphering these ancient records will take us time.
— Dazzlinkat
  The Raptor Squad is the elite bodyguard and security unit of House Sauropoda. They were apparently originally formed in ancient times, but disappeared with their House in a time before recorded history. However, in their recent reformation under the House Bodyguard Treaty has allowed them to pursue some of those ancient roots; and maybe, along with them, some hidden secrets.



The Raptor Squad currently consists of three members:  
  • Raptor Captain Dazzlinkat - The most experienced of the Raptor Squad is, appropriately, the leader of the group. Dazz was mostly trained in a homegrown fashion; hunting as a kid, self-defense and boxing training with her father from a young age. Dazzlinkat also did intelligence work for the US Air Force in the four years she was in, but most of the details are redacted. When asked about it, she simply says, "I got shot at." She reached the rank of E-4 (Senior Airman) during her service.
  • Sapha Burnell - SAPH-A, being at least in part an artificial intelligence, has relevant programmed subroutines that can be activated when the situation warrants it. She is also very accomplished in the ancient arts of Dino-Dragon Style Kung-Fu, Di-kwon-do, and Krav Raptah. However, she is also taking part in the training sessions, since Dazzlinkat believes that acting with self-awareness is a valuable skill worth learning. Sapha, for the most part, is simply enthusiastic about learning anything new.
  • Emily Armstrong - Emily had no combat or security training prior to joining the Raptor Squad. However, she does have a clever mind and a lot of enthusiasm. She also has expertise in the controlled dissemination of information - a skill that has direct and important applications to her duties as part of the King Dino's security force. She also has defective collagen, which allows her to be surprisingly flexible in contortionist fashion.
  • Weaponry

    The Raptor Squad has a variety of special equipment that invokes a certain "James Bond," "Get Smart!" or "Inspector Gadget" kind of feel. Fun and unique gadgets with very specific applications that in some cases legitimately defy the laws of physics are their stock in trade. They have, in past, displayed Lapin Traps, LeBrea Bombs, and a whole variety of gizmos.   House Sauropoda's dinosaur forms are legitimately dangerous in combat, perhaps more so than any other House. In addition, since they tend to specialize in TTRPG writing, their literomancy can be difficult to counter for those who do not understand the roleplaying game environment. Their stories work with atypical rules, and they often have access to amazing plethora of literomantic abilities that are not as easily imagined as in most other Houses.


    While most of the Raptor Squad are too new to have developed an affiliation with any particular vehicles, Dazzlinkat is known for what she calls her "Jungle Bike" -- an all-terrain (including flight) vehicle that evolves as she evolves. Some of the gadgets it has displayed in the past include, but are not limited to, spiked wheels, flamethrowers, various artillery, and a seemingly limitless saddlebag and fuel supply. The power of flight is limited to crossing borders, and only lasts for a short time.


    Dazzlinkat expects the Raptor Squad to obey her in a proper chain of command when they are in a combat situation. However, she also encourages the other Raptors to exercise initiative, and share their ideas if they have them.


    The primary tactics of the Raptor Squad appear to be random chaos; but, in fact, it is controlled chaos. Dazzlinkat attempts to obscure the true motivations and intentions of her Squad by keeping her foes on their toes, guessing at their next moves. She especially enjoys riling up her foes and seeing how they will react.




    Logistical Support

    Primarily, logistical support is provided through excellent real-time communications systems between the Raptors. Each are required to come up with individual alternate methods of transportation.


    House Sauropoda is sparing no expense in providing the very best equipment they can buy (or find, in the case of ancient dinotech) to support the Raptor Squad.


    The primary requirement to join the Raptor Squad is to be a dino, and to be willing and enthusiastic. But, prospective Raptors must pass muster with Captain Dazzlinkat's personal approval as well.


    The Raptor Squad has an ancient and proud history -- or so the King Dino, RPGDinosaurBob, has told the Raptor Captain. However, the details of that are still being re-discovered.

    Historical loyalties

    The Raptor Squad serves House Sauropoda, and in particular, the King Dino, with fierce loyalty.
    Several million years ago; re-founded November 1, 2021.
    Overall training Level
    Assumed Veterancy
    Used by

    House Sauropoda by DaniAdventures/ShyRedFox

    A half-dinosaur person on a motorbike

    Raptor Captain Dazzlinkat by HeroForge/Dazzlinkat

    A purplish robo-dino in half-dino form

    SAPH-A by HeroForge/Dazzlinkat

    A half-gator person in a business suit, with briefcase

    Emily Armstrong by HeroForge/Emily Armstrong

    Cover image: Sauropodans training by Papafox
    Character flag image: Raptor Squad by Emily Armstrong


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