House Felis (FEE-liss | / ˈfi ɪs /)

  House Felis is a newly-promoted Major House. It is led by the Kitty Queen Misades, who reformed the House herself. Misades' heir is Princess Melody, who was recently found in The Shallows of The Void. The base of House Felis is a large castle known as The Cat Castle located near the settlement of Kittering.  


House Felis is a mercantile House which follows a monarchical system. Queen Misades is the current Catarch with Princess Melody as her heir apparent. The House maintains a small band of armed forces and enlists many cats as spies for its in-depth (but chaotic and lazy) intelligence department.   Both the armed forces and the intelligence department are headed by the Kitty General Aydan Nightshade.  


The merchants of House Felis are known for their speedy delivery of goods. This speed is accomplished by using the Shallows of the Void. Almost every Werecat has been blessed by Sekhmet to have this ability, although this blessing disappears if a non-feline Totem is accepted.   Most modern-day Felian merchants have a reputation for being trustworthy, and belong to the Interhouse Guild of Merchants. Felian merchants, like cats, often enjoy good-hearted mischief, but will always fulfill their end of a bargain. Be warned though, Felians can hold grudges, and a Felis merchant spited is an enemy for life.  


Before the First Word War

  Prior to 1621, House Felis was a relatively strong mercantile house.  During the Literomantic Golden Age their access to the Shallow Layer afforded for the transportation of goods across the Realm allowing for the feline main exports of fibre and fish. Due to this mercantile nature, the house cats of Felis were quite studious and sought to develop their understanding on the origins of Literomancy and the nature of The Void.   House Felis thrived for centuries until suddenly in early 1621 the House seemingly disappeared from existence. Those expecting exports from Kittering were first to realise something was afoot and by the time another Literomantic house sent a delegation to investigate nothing was left. All the people of Kittering had vanished overnight. There are differing reports as to what exactly the delegation saw at Kittering, some report nothing just the echoing absence of friends whereas some report more gruesome tales of clear signs of violence and bloodshed.   The settlement of Kittering was largely retired, the Cat Castle was sealed up and eventually new settlers arrived. The castle doors would not be opened again for another 400 years.  

After the First Word War

In 2021 following the first word war, a party of Werecat led by Misades returned to Kittering seeking to re-found House Felis and return it to it’s former glory. The restoration was a lot of work but with the help of the Shallow Layer things moved quickly. It was during this restoration that Princess Melody was found in the Shallow Layer by Purry Allen. With the House Restored and a line of succession in place, House Felis joined the Tourney of Tales and asserted themself as a strong house full of literomancers.   In the Second Word War, House Felis initially swore to House Chiroptera to fulfill a debt of honor, but they quickly came back into the fold of House Lapin, who they had developed close ties with after the First Word War, once their debt of honor was repaid.   Following the April Tourney 2022, with House Tiki seemingly in a weakened state and House Leader Kahuna the Elder once more having dropped off the radar, Sable Aradia encouraged the Kitty Queen and the Kitty General to ascend to the vacant Major House position, and they were quickly confirmed in the role. Now House Felis has assumed the duties of a Major House, in turn sponsoring new Minor House Verdant and the Kittering Community Garden.

Cozy But Curious


  • Kittering
    A map of Kittering, the Kittering Community Garden, the The Cat Castle, and the surrounding areas. The map was drawn and inked by Kitty Queen Misades herself.
Led By
Misades - The Kitty Queen
Oregon, USA (Pacific Timezone)
Founding Date
1 July 2021
Geopolitical, Great house
Felians, Felis, Felines
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A red-orange tabby cat with bright green eyes

Purry Allen by Erin Hunter

Sekhmet, the first Catarch by Misades

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
Character flag image: House Felis by Misades


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