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The Clearsky

The sun-kissed skies of Panazur are clear and cool, green and bright. Ayrlands spend the majority of their years in this region, as does any gahl who can help it. The winds may still be dangerous, and there are skayrries to beware of, but these threats are far milder here than nearer the Tempest. Good visibility helps avert the worst of it. The land is bountiful when managed properly, and with less of the ash, the anchorspires endure a little longer.   If there is one drawback to living in Panazur, it must be the way one settles into a false sense of security. Unless an ayrland is anchored to a spire, it will still only enjoy between 25 to 30 years at these latitudes, before moving on to the dusklands of Royero.

Cover image: by Caspar David Friedrich (PD)